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APGA, fear the Drunk Igbo, he will tell you the truth


The desperate voice of the Interviewee could be heard over the air. “… Gbaghazialu nu”.

It was the desperate voice of an APGA representative on the Anambra State Radio, appealing to the Anambra voting electorate to please not replicate their voting pattern during the last 2019 Presidential elections.

Anambra, the Stalwart APGA State, had voted heavily for the PDP. They totally ignored the presentations of their Governor, the Leader of the ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE, NIGERIA to vote for the APC Presidential candidate – Muhammadu Buhari, even when he – Governor Obiano, had presented the APGA faithful with an APGA Presidential candidate.
What two-face?

How could anybody including the leader of a group sabotage himself.
“I’ll give them what they want, while I do what I want.”

The Igbo electorate saw right through that.
Surely, somebody was demonstrating confusion. Not the the APGA electorate.
Their Ox was not going to be gored in their presence, if they could help it.

Instead, They leaned heavily towards the voice of Chief Nnia Nwodo, the Ohaneze Chieftain, who urged them to vote PDP.
Their voting pattern had made mince meat of the political hold of APGA in Anambra State. The rumbling tremor could be felt everywhere in Igbo Land.

“Gbaghazialunu.” Please, forgive.
The voting pattern was a strong signal that the Igbo vote may not be taken for granted. And not only the Igbo vote, but that the Igbo TRUTH may never be taken for granted. Igbos definitely know where the shoe pinches them, and they are not afraid to say so. After the operation Python dance, if anybody thought they’d cowed the Igbos, they should think again.
IGBO to the core. No apologies.

The APGA echelon barely survived the Anambra State elections. The increase in PDP votes was apparent. The rumour mill made clear that large sums circulated to keep the den intact.

However some chickens still escaped the coop. APGA lost a net of 4 House of Assembly seats in Anambra, and exposed an electoral vulnerability which the PDP is sure to test in 2021, simply because of their presentation. It may take an act of God to retain Anambra state, if the current state of affairs continue.

That is why the echelon needs to go on an APOLOGY tour, explain themselves. The Igbo electorate are not stupid. They will weigh the factors and apology. They may forgive.
Emphasis on the word may.

The APGA echelon let the song “Nwannem, lezie anya ka i puta na APUGA …,” seep through the ear of the faithful. That was a very big and fatal mistake. They did nothing to stop that chorus. They watched while 11 Governorship aspirants marched the streets of Owerri to ask the APGA to right their wrongs, and simply conduct a free and fair primary Aspirant process.
So that the APGA Ethos may not be impeached.
They did not do that.

The faithful panted, “Please, say the song ain’t so”, and refused to believe that fellow believers were beginning to waiver in their APGA credence through their repeat rendition of the above song. The APGA echelon did nothing to stop the Hemorrhage of disbelief. They partied while the ship sank.

The desperate voice of the faithful below the deck screaming to be rescued were misconstrued as those of cheerleaders who were hailing a hush-hush earth-shattering agreement which the leadership had reached with God knows who. It wasn’t until the waters reached the bow of the sinking ship that the Captain and some of his crew members launched an expensive SOS. Emergency flares, lifeboat, siren horns to save the sinking APGA ship. It was the same screaming passengers who had warned of an evident submerge, who did all they could to have the ship afloat. The APGA ship now soaked in seaweed/water and barely afloat is at docks for heavy repairs. A very expensive repair. The ship now unfortunately attracts only wary glances from passers-by.
Nobody wants to join a sinking ship.
Volunteers for repair are scanty.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, we need this ship.
Obiano’s legacy will be that he, one way or the other, left the APGA party ship intact and devoid of stench. That he handed over to those who would hold high APGA ideals: the ideals of speaking out and protecting the welfare of Nigerians, in Nigeria. Governor Obiano, may have tried his best. On what he thought was the best approach. At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, We thank him. However, We look forward to continuing the business of touting our issues to the policy makers in Nigeria. We cannot be quiet about them.

The leadership cannot continue their non-chalance. It should occur to them that how money is made matters in Igboland. There are rich men whom nobody visits. There is a reason.

They watched while a conscientious membership as Uche Onyeagucha, Iyke Ibe …, left the All Progressves Grand Alliance, (APGA) Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the APGA has no echelon.
The Board of Trustees is on life support.
There is no National Working Committee. Flotsam and jetsam from Nibo, Nise, Amawbia, Awka, Aguleri – All in Anambra State – such Myopia, and yet to understand Igbo policy stance, cannot sit at the policy making table for the Igbo in Nigeria. The composition is still looking for payday and will have serious difficulty with taking a conscientious policy stand for the APGA Party, nay the Igbo.
And, the Governor has severe difficulty reaching out to his electoral base.
Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a dilenma.

And at the end of the day, the National Chairman in self-satisfaction, was ready to announce that the APGA Party had so much money at hand, therefore all should go on without worry.

A very Ignorant move. The short-sightedness is truly egregious given our ideals.
“What shall it profit a man, to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”
APGA has certainly lost its soul.
That is our dilenma.

The damage done to the APGA brand by the current leadership is severe.
Like Uthman Danfodio said long ago, “Conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it.”

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, the Igbo Truth is an open wound, only acknowledgement and thorough apology to not neglect it, can heal it.

And, if there is one thing the Igbos are good at, it is the Truth.
The Igbo, despite all their flaws at concessioning to enable make the daily bread, always, always tell themselves the TRUTH.
The Igbo tell themselves so much truth, that the truth does not even escape them even while drunk. As a matter of fact, the more they drink, it does not matter the strength of the liquor, the more they tell themselves the truth. Therefore the phrase, Ebe ana anu mmanya, ka ana ekwu ezi okwu. And there you have it, so much for trying to fool the Igbo man. It is an uphill task for any Igbo, nay Nigerian, to fool the Igbo.

Naaaaaah! You may fool the father, but believe that on his deathbed, he’ll let the son understand that, “The other fella cannot be trusted.”

Now, you truly have a dilenma.
Therein lies the Igbo truth, and the Nigerian malaise.
As the son fights on. Even a reluctant son, who did not want to engage, always finds reason to continue the legacy.
The truth of the Father.

Policy directorate,