Home Culture Arab twitter in ‘racist’ uproar as black woman emerges Miss Algeria

Arab twitter in ‘racist’ uproar as black woman emerges Miss Algeria

Khadija Ben Hamou
The organizers of Miss Algeria have spoken out in defense of Khadija Ben Hamou, the second black woman to be crowned in the annual pageant, following an alleged torrent of racist abuse online.

Khadija became the first black woman to be crowned at the beauty pageant since 2005 on Saturday, but her win was reportedly tainted by trolls who criticized her appearance as “ugly.”

The organization defended their winner on Facebook, claiming the racist and critical comments were the result of edited unflattering photos of Khadija shared online. They posted two images of the winner in all her crowned glory as an apparent attempt at silencing the critics.

Some commenters have defended their criticism, claiming they are not racist, but simply don’t think the winner is worthy of the title. Equally, supporters have spoken out online to condemn the naysayers and claim references to Khadija’s nose, hair, and skin complexion are simply racist.

First time in history of Algeria, a black woman is elected miss Algeria. A real progress, i am proud of my country but ashame that so many people are against the decision because of her skin color


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This beautiful lady is Khadija Ben Hamou. She was just chosen Miss Algeria 2019.  Sadly some users on Arab twitter are attacking & insulting her because she is a woman of color. You are stunning Khadija
Khadija will now go on to represent Algeria at the international Miss World 2019 pageant at the end of the year.