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AUSTRC launches website to network scientists in Africa


The African Union Scientific Technical Research Commission (AUSTRC) has launched a website for African scientists, researchers, engineers, innovators, technologists and inventors be able to interact and share ideas.

The commission made this known in a statement made available to the media on Monday in Abuja.

The Abuja-based commission is a specialised institution within the African Union (AU) that spearheads the promotion and role of science, technology and research in Africa.
It said the website, under the African Union Network on Sciences (AUNS), a virtual network involved a wide range of individuals working together in different fields of study to address science and technology development challenges in Africa.
“The network is an innovative way to enhance brain circulation, and bridge the gap between African based scientists and those in the Diaspora to be able to exchange information and knowledge that can address Africa’s challenges.’’

The commission said that the network would provide access to scientific research and documentation, which would be stored on its servers and the platform would be user-friendly system applications.

It said the networking platform was borne out of the need to “address lack of adequate sustainable research infrastructure in developing science Africa and the application of science, technology and innovation for development in Africa.’’

The commission urged full participation of the African scientific community on the platform, saying it would help in updating scientific knowledge in Africa for its development.

It said that the AUNS would be beneficial to young and senior African scientists, public and private research institutes, international and national scientific communities.

The commission promised to continue to improve and develop the portal, modules, database and digital library of the network and to also sustain the platform to live to its objectives.

It said the platform would also help to unify, revitalise and integrate the African scientific community to respond to the development challenges directed by the Science Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 (STISA 2024).

The STISA 2024, which is termed the bible of the AU science policy, is a policy analysis that was adopted by the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Governments in June 2014.

STISA-2024 outlines the key socio-economic priority areas that Africa has to collectively address through scientific research and development.