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Black on Black looting has finished South Africa as a respectable nation

Cyril Ramaphosa

By Femi Oyesanya (yeyerolling002@aol.com)

On September 2, 2019, a mob of able-bodied but jobless South African blacks woke up to a looting spree. Like a pack of rabid hyenas, they went on a rampage against non-native blacks, looting and burning everything in sight. From Pretoria to Johannesburg, they matched with machetes and daggers in hand singing in loud choruses of “foreigner go home, we will kill you”. Bloodthirsty beasts. Some of these hatemongers came with special incendiary tires. This particular ammunition is used for burning non-native blacks to death, they call it “death by tire”. A gruesome torture, where the tire is roped around the neck of victims and set ablaze, killing the African in a blaze of fire that burns for days. A total roasting of another human being.

South African blacks have finally gone mad, byproducts of apartheid are now villain against their own. In Western Cape, two charred bodies were found in a burnt down looted store. In Johannesburg, two people were killed. In Maboneng, the tribal mob turned on its own, looting stores belonging to local black South Africans. Happily, they carted away spoils of loot. Some of them, the more ambitious jobless son of loot, came to loot with trucks. In these trucks, they carted away the dignity of labor. The dignity of men and women seeking greener pastures. The dignity of Africa!

Two abled bodied men carted away a vending machine, an equipment that must have weighed several tons, which ordinarily will have required the use of a mechanical crane lift. Yet, these South Africans are jobless. Bulging muscle but jobless. Can the muscle for loot not be used for gainful employment? Sons of bitches!

As if that was not enough, they looted Kenyans, Ethiopians, Nigerians, and any face of African that was not Zulu. These miscreants. These sons of bitches. Young and old, man and woman, basking to a jamboree of hate. These ignorant Zulu’s with no knowledge of how they came to be, have turned against the same people whom their leaders ran to as refugees when they were sub-human-ed by whites for decades. A people once without the right to own property are now setting ablaze the properties of petty-trader foreign blacks. A useless people.

In broad daylight, South African blacks degraded and became cannibals, outing depravities with similarities to the apartheid system that conceived them. They became killers like they were killed. Rapist like they were raped. Looters like they were looted. Tribal ingrates, turning against those that from 1948 to 1994 fought for their rights to be treated as human beings by whites.

The land of Mandela is on fire! When the mob was asked why the madness? They claimed it’s because the “Nigerian took their job”. Or the “Kenyan worked for less wages”. Or the Ethiopian “owned a shop”. A post-apartheid mindset is set. It is final. It is victim-hood of the give me handouts syndrome. It is abject poverty induced by abject laziness. It is a looting mob and it is blood thirsty.

These people. These useless people. This people that P.W Botha, the arch-devil of apartheid appalled by saying; “by now every one of us has seen it practically that the Blacks cannot rule themselves. Give them guns and they will kill each other.” And what did they do? The killed and raped each other! They roast each other with burning tires. God-damned sons of bitches!

The depravity does not spare South African black leadership. To make matters worse, one so called Bongani Mkongi, a black South African deputy police chief and a man of apparently low intelligence, at a press conference said, “how can a city in South Africa be 80% foreign nationals? That is dangerous. South African have surrendered their own city to the foreigners. The nation discussed that question.” Bongani Mkongi’s sentiments are an echo of Adolf Hitler, when he wrote,” Germany, without blinking an eyelid, for whole decades admitted these Jews by the hundred thousand. But now… when the nation is no longer willing to be sucked dry by these parasites, on every side one hears nothing but laments.”

Another one, a total buffoon. A buffoon but with the low mental capacity for denial, the South African Police Minister, Bheki Cele, had this to say, “Xenophobia is just an excuse that is being used by people to commit criminal acts” He had the audacity to trivialize hate crime as mere criminality. Criminality my foot!

The leadership is apparently igniting anti-immigrant sentiment and South Africa is finished! Xenophobia is the order of the day and rape of women has become a national pass-time. Mandela’s land overtaken by looters, rapists and sons of bitches!