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British Nigerian nurse gets 14 years in jail for trafficking girls into Europe sex slavery

Iyamu during her arrest refused to answer questions

A British hospital nurse who used ‘voodoo’ magic to traffic  girls from Nigeria into Europe was jailed for 14 years today at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, in the first case of its kind in the UK.

Josephine Sandra Iyamu, who claimed to be from Liberia but is from Edo state, used a witch doctor to convince her victims they were under her control and exploited them to fund a lavish lifestyle including jaunts to Europe and £700 designer shoes.

The 51-year-old was a ringleader of an international human trafficking crime network and lived in a huge Nigerian mansion complete with a servants’ quarters.

She was already preparing to contest election into the do State House of Assembly before she was rumbled.

Iyamu would make the vulnerable women undergo ‘Juju’ ceremonies which would involve them drinking blood containing worms and eating the heart of a chicken.

Passing sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Richard Bond told the nurse that her ‘vile’ offences had left the women in fear of their lives.

As Iyamu stared at the floor in the dock, Judge Bond told her she would have been fully aware of the dangers involved in a four-week land journey across the Sahara to Tripoli in Libya, followed by a sea voyage on inflatable boats.

Passing sentence, the judge told Iyamu: ‘Trafficking human beings is an ugly offence – it must always be dealt with severely by the courts to deter others from taking part in this vile trade.

‘You showed a complete disregard for the welfare of these women. You saw them not as living, breathing human beings but as commodities to earn you large sums of money.

‘All five of your victims had to be rescued from the boat they were on, before being put into a camp in Italy. You understood the potential dangers, you simply did not care.’

Iyamu charged each of her victims Euro 30,000 and Euro 38,000 to arrange for their travel to Europe – profiting from more than Euro 15,000 from one victim alone via wire transfers and cash payments.

The victims would then be forced to endure an arduous five day journey to the Libyan coast – which saw them shot at, ambushed and gang raped.

They would then catch an inflatable boat crammed with hundreds of people to Italy before being moved into Germany to work as prostitutes.

German police identified Iyamu as the ringleader of a Nigerian human trafficking operation after a brothel owner reported suspicions over one of his workers’ paperwork last January.

Iyamu and her husband Efe Ali-Imaghodor, 60, were arrested at Heathrow Airport on August 24 last year after travelling back from Nigeria.

Police found her in possession of seven mobile phones and more than 30 SIM cards linked them to the German investigation.

Officers also discovered a piece of paper detailing a list of items needed as part of the ‘Juju’ ceremonies and another with telephone numbers of criminal associates.

Today, Iyamu was convicted by a jury of five counts of arranging to facilitate travel of another person for exploitation following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

She was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice after paying Nigerian police to arrest one of the victims’ relatives in a bid to stop the woman giving evidence against them in the trial while both were in police custody in the UK.

Iyamu, who was dressed in a turquoise shawl, held her hand to her mouth and bowed her head as the verdict was read out.

Judge Richard Bond said: ‘This is the first case in England and Wales under the new 2015 act whereby people have been trafficked from one country into another country. This is going to set a precedent.’

Iyamu – known as ‘Madam Sandra’ – had worked 37 days in 2016/17 as an agency nurse in south east London hospitals for NHS Capitol Staffing Services.

She lived with husband Ali-Imaghodor, a cloakroom attendant, in an ex-council home in Bermondsey, south east London.

Ms Mellor said: ‘She was a registered nurse, she was an agency nurse and that totally goes against for me what a nurse is – somebody who looks after people, who makes them better and certainly what she was doing was totally opposed to what in my mind a nurse should be.’

The trafficking investigation – Operation Redroot – began after one victim was arrested and told German police of Iyamu’s crimes. The victim’s phone was then wire-tapped to gather evidence.

The prostitute last January told German police she was born into a ‘relatively poor family’ in Nigeria and was told she could earn huge amounts of money working as a prostitute in Europe.

Juju is a form of voodoo with ‘highly respected’ priests in West Africa.

The Nigerian victims visited the priest multiple times and for up to a week as part of the oath-swearing ceremony.

Ms Mellor said: ‘They exert an insidious control which an expert witness has said is more powerful than chains.’

Describing the ceremony, the officer added: ‘They were given blood containing worms to drink.

‘A chicken was used to hit her naked body on the back and on the chest. She had to eat the heart of the chicken which had just been killed. And the priest would cut their skin and mouth with a razor blade.’

Iyamu then took snippets of her victims’ head and pubic hair and kept them in individualised packages and she told the girls: ‘You have now eaten from the devil and if you do not pay, the devil will kill you.’

The victims would then undertake a ‘horrendous’ journey across the Sahara desert from Nigeria to the Libyan coast.

They were shot at in an overcrowded bus filled, ambushed and gang-raped – before waiting for up to two weeks before being shipped to Italy on an inflatable boat.

The bus journey would take five days and it could be up to two weeks before an inflatable boat could come to take them to Italy.

The victims were moved to a migration camp in Verona before being given false identification papers allowing them to travel to Germany where brothels are legal.

Iyamu forced one of her victims to have an abortion in Italy after being raped and impregnated on the journey.

Ms Mellor said: ‘Despite still bleeding, Madam Sandra told her that she had to start work as soon as possible, she needed to pay the extra Euro 500 to cover the cost of the abortion.’

German police found text messages from Iyamu to her victim forcing her to work as a prostitute while still bleeding from her operation.

The victim wrote: ‘Have you forgotten that you sent me straight back to work right after my abortion, even though I as still bleeding?’

Iyamu replied: ‘Time is dragging on. Pull your finger out!’

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