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Chelsea, Leicester not part of 5-team EPL horse race, says Thierry Henry


The Premier League title race is between five teams, with neither Chelsea nor Leicester City good enough to be on this list.
Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, who stated this also warned that his former club have slipped up in their bid to win their first league trophy since 2004 with a string of poor performances.
With a third of the campaign already complete, Henry believes defending champions Chelsea would have a double-figure points advantage at the top of the table if they replicated last season’s displays.
“For me, the teams in contention are Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and maybe Liverpool,” Henry wrote in his column for The Sun.
“Chelsea should not even be in the conversation. If they get back into the top four it will prove nothing more than how poorly the top teams are doing.
“If Chelsea had played like they did last year they would be 10 points clear now, with one hand already on the trophy.
“But every time a team has had the opportunity to take charge at the top, they have wasted it.”
Arsenal topped the table after 10 matches but have since dropped to fourth place, with Henry adamant Arsene Wenger’s side must capitalise on their chances.
“If they are going to win their first Premier League since 2004 [Arsenal] can’t let any more opportunities slip through their fingers,” he continued.
“If they had beaten Spurs and West Brom like they should have done, they would be three points clear at the top.
“Instead they are fourth and have squandered five points which could prove decisive in the end.
“They have also allowed Tottenham back into the dogfight and given belief to Liverpool they might still have a chance.”