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Chinweizu: The truth about the killings in the north-west

Elderly women displaced from Benue community during attacks launched by killer herdsmen

By Chinweizu

There have been many reports of killings going on in Zamfara and other parts of the NW zone? What explains these killings? The mainstream explanation put out here and there by assorted Fulanis: Buhari’s officials (like the IGP); Emirs (like the Emir of Argungu) and Fulani intellectuals (like Umar Ardo Ph.D.), is that the killings are being done by bandits, cattle rustlers, illegal miners, etc.
My view is that these claims are items of disinformation. They may indeed be among the explanations, but if so, I think they are secondary explanations that explain only a small part of the killings. They are like pawns being sacrificed to protect the King: the big explanation that must be kept from the world.
And what is this big explanation? I think the major part of the explanation is the violence being done by the armed Fulanis invited from outside Nigeria who have been forced to stay in the NW waiting till after the elections for Buhari to enter his second term and then send them southwards.
This is an inference from a few key facts.
In January 2018 the Fulani Nationality Movement, FUNAM, revealed that “we have asked all Fulani herdmen all over West Africa to move to Nigeria and penetrate every corner for the upcoming Jihad. We have asked them to be armed since it seems it is the only language Nigeria understands. . .”
–Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) MEDIA RELEASE
https://steemit.com/war/@mbadayee/fulani-has-finally-call-for-war (Accessed January 2019)
Another fact is that an army that’s billeted on a foreign territory is liable to turn into an army of freelance bandits, feeding off the land and the locals. This was why, in its 1628 Petition of Right to King Charles, Parliament in London, among other things demanded that there be no quartering of solders on the property of subjects.
Even with the billions that the IMF says Buhari has stolen through the NNPC, I much doubt that he has been able to pay his foreign Fulani mercenaries. And these have turned to kidnapping, banditry, etc. to sustain themselves.
This is what, I say, all these other explanations by Fulani spokespersons are being used to hide. They don’t want that foreign Fulani aspect of the violence advertised.
When Buhari begins his 2nd term and sends his Fulani mercenary army southwards to seize their “promised land”, the killings in the NW will abate.
So far, the Restructurers in the South haven’t been roused to the needed type of resistance. The forests in the South have been penetrated by armed Fulani militia and herdsmen. And these Restructuring addicts have not been alarmed. Fulani megads live in their houses in the city and they still sleep soundly and wait for Restructuring. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make a man understand something when his salary, his social eminence or his self-esteem depends on his not understanding it. Maybe he will allow himself to begin to understand it when he sees that his own death is guaranteed by his not understanding it. Fear of his own dying might then prompt him to understand it. When the general massacres resume and the spread of the killing fields southwards reaches the villages on the outskirts of Ibadan and Enugu and Benin City, they may finally wake up to their danger and their need for Self-determination. Only then will they abandon their futile advocacy for Restructuring and get behind the self-determination solution.
And I say maybe because the MB leadership was not alarmed into Self-determination by the ethnic cleansing there before it was suspended for the elections. All they were prepared to do was preach Restructuring, and run for offices in the elections that were set to be rigged by Buhari.
I reckon that news of the alleged implosion of the feudal North, of the “revolution” that’s allegedly broken out there, is premature and grossly exaggerated. Even if the revolution is real rather than wishful projection, we can’t place our hope of salvation on it. Let them make their revolution in their Shariyaland Republic. We should make sure we will watch it from across the international borders separating Shariyaland from the Ala-Igbo, Oodua, Niger Delta and other republics.

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