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Coach Michael Taylor Reveals the Cure to the Black Man’s ‘Onlyness’ in New Book


Men of color struggling to rise above limiting stereotypes will soon have a new resource to empower them when Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio and Tv Host, Michael Taylor, launches his latest book, The Cure to Onlyness: A Black Man’s Guide To Joy, Passion & Purpose.

Challenging stereotypes is an issue faced by every man of color; however, in his definitive guide to self-improvement for black men, Coach Michael Taylor shares secrets to thriving as a black male in a world rigged against them. The booked is a goldmine filled with deeply personal experiences, powerful anecdotes and advice to help black men live their best lives
Readers will discover insights such as:

• The 10 toxic stereotypes against black men that they should fight against in their personal and professional life to live a life of joy, passion and purpose
• The 2 destructive belief systems that keep black men trapped in mediocrity
• How to shatter the glass ceiling imposed by society with a powerful belief system
• The single most powerful mindset shift a black man can have to help broaden his personal horizon beyond the labels and stereotypes
• How to find a tribe of like-minded goal-getters to provide mutual support and achieve goals faster
• The 10 keys to creating healthy, fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationships
and much more

Coach Michael Taylor is the author of several motivational resources including the Amazon best Selling book, Shattering Black Male Stereotypes.

Sharing his motivation for writing the Cure for Onlyness, he said: “Every man of color has the potential to create an extraordinary life. The truth is that it’s difficult to accomplish when you are bombarded with stereotypes. I was once under the influence of these black male stereotypes – until I cracked the code. Today, I am living my best life. I wrote this book to share with by black brothers an easy blueprint to overcome stereotypes and live an extraordinary life.”

The Cure to Onlyness: A Black Man’s Guide To Joy, Passion & Purpose was launched on November 28. For further information about the book or to pre-order a copy, visit: https://creationpublishing.com/collections/books/products/the-cure-for-onlyness.