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Diary of an Airbnb Dweller – Day #2: The Hippocratic Armageddon


By Chuma Animba

I have a lot of friends on both sides of the Atlantic working on the frontline of this Corona Crisis.

One constant message I always get from our conversations is how badly prepared the Healthcare systems are for something of this magnitude; from lack of ICU beds, ventilators, adequate PPEs (overalls, face masks etc). This, despite the billions ploughed into the Health systems annually by the respective governments.
I’ve seen clips on the news of NHS nurses looking after COVID-19 patients in makeshift overalls.

Supplies are available in warehouses but the issue lies with the logistics of getting them to where they are needed on time. They’ve upped the ante to increase distribution speed but in the meantime these gallant angels have to put life and limb at risk to keep us all safe.

This inevitably takes me back to Naija where our Health sector has been ignored largely for decades by respective governments.
Now assuming they’re faced with a similar situation there, the risk of getting infected for most Healthcare workers would be extremely high – in the 90s I’d say for most.

I know the Hippocratic Oath requires them all to uphold specific ethical standards, but nowhere does it mention Harakiri AKA suicide!
What would motivate badly paid nurses and doctors to keep turning up for work daily knowing that it is more or less a Kamikaze mission?
There is selflessness, then there is Common Sense.

I pray it never comes to that! It doesn’t even bear thinking for a nanosecond!

When the COVID-19 dust eventually settles, there is a huge ‘Lessons Learnt’ section for all countries who’ve hitherto ignored pleas to develop their local Health infrastructure.

Kudos to all the doctors, nurses and Frontline workers putting life and limb at risk to keep us all safe!

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