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Ekiti Resolution Group provides options for Ekiti APC primaries

EKiti APC governorship aspirants at a meeting with APC Southwest leaders

Ekiti Resolution Group has expressed shock at the manner of the collapse of last Saturday’s primaries of the All Progressives  Congress, describing the  outcome  as ‘totally disgraceful, shameful and abhorrent.’

The group, in a statement signed by Professor Mobolaji Aluko (Ode-Ekiti); Professor Anthony Kila (Efon-Alaaye); Dr Laofe Ogundipe  (Ijesa-Isu) and Okan Seye Adetunmbi (Ifaki-Ekiti) also demanded that those behind the disruption should should be arrested and prosecuted.

It, however, listed two main options to leaders of the party as a way to get out of the imbroglio.

The statement reads:

We the undersigned are not members of the All Progressives  Congress  APC political party, but are stakeholders in the Ekiti Development Project.  Our humble intervention is a call to mature and generous leadership

We view  the aborted outcome of the APC governor’s primaries of Saturday, May 5, 2018, at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium at Ado-Ekiti as totally disgraceful, shameful and abhorrent.

We find it astounding that two clearly identifiable miscreants can upturn ballot boxes in the full glare of security forces and national TV, and thereby attempt to bring to naught years of preparation by many individuals and institutions, and waste billions of naira. These offenders should be arrested and prosecuted both criminally (for destruction of property and incitement to violence in public space, etc)  and civilly (for waste of private money, personal disrepute, etc).

Going forward, we call on all aspirants to understand that more than ever, this is a time to display mature and generous leadership. We therefore present two options for the timely, democratic and constitutional emergence of the APC gubernatorial candidate.

Option A: Strict Continuation of the Primaries

(i).  Since accreditation had been completed, our suggeston is for  re-accreditation of only those who have not voted.

(ii) All ballot papers in intact ballot boxes should be retrieved, counted and the partial results announced for full transparency.  Any soiled ones in scattered ballots should be counted wherever possible and set aside as Rejected.

(iii) In the event that there is serious doubt about the integrity of the intact ballots, re-accreditation should be extended to all delegates.

(iv). Only one agent and one observer per aspirant should be allowed into the arena for voting continuation.

(v). Only re-certified delegates should be allowed into the arena one at a time, searched for artefacts (e.g. cameras, phones, writing paper, etc.) that might compromise secret balloting or one-person-one-vote, led to the polling booth by security officials to fill in ballot paper, led to the ballot box to drop it in, and then  led out of the arena pronto.  Under no circumstances should there be more than (say) 20 delegates at the same time waiting to vote in the arena.

(vi). After all re-certified delegates have voted, the votes should be counted in the presence of all  the aspirants and their agents, announced, and then added to the disrupted votes for final results.

Option B: Narrowing the Aspirants Pool to arrive at a Consensus Candidate.

(i).   Each of the thirty–three Aspirants – a number that we have always considered too large – is asked to write their own top four choices from among themselves, and the results tallied as now outlined below.

(ii).  Round 1: The top candidate is the one with the highest No 1 + No.. 2 choices, the second highest is with No. 2 + No. 3, and the third is highest No. 3 + No. 4 choices.

(iii).  Round 2: All aspirants vote for a consensus candidate from the three topmost aspirants.

(iv). In case of a tie, a further round is done.

(v). The consensus candidate will be ratified in a Delegate Convention within a few days after a Consensus candidate emerges.

We consider  Option A to be  the more democratic and fair, but more expensive and time consuming.  Option B, the quicker and less expensive, however leaves room for ganging up or for  horse-trading.

We appeal to all aspirants and their supporters to understand that the governorship election is not about themselves only but also about  all the ward delegates and the electorate at large. In essence, it cannot be my way or no other way. They must be ready to accommodate other interests and stakeholders in the matter.

We urge that reason should prevail.

We hope and trust that the Peoples Democratic Party PDP will learn from this experience, and organize  violence-free gubernatorial  primaries in Ekiti State on Tuesday May 8.