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Expediency of Odubu continuing from where Oshiomhole stopped



There is no denying the fact that the concept of continuity of people-friendly public policies in governance is well known to every Edolite that has a progressive mindset. Indeed, it is a concept that is widely encouraged and recommended especially in a growing democracy like Nigeria in which Edo State belongs to.

The concept of continuity, no doubt, was what brought the incumbent governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, to Osadebey Avenue with the unanimous  understanding among party leaders  in 2016 that he has what it takes to build on the legacies of the then Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomhole. The trump cards that worked for him then were that of being the leader of Oshiomhole’s economic team and for the fact that he was seen as a technocrat.

At this juncture, it is expedient to ask, “Can the government of discontinuity which Obasekidecided to run be still corrected to meet the continuity arrangement that paved the way for his emergence in 2016? The answer to the foregoing question is capital YES! Illustrating the foregoing view from a relay race, it is obvious that when the relay baton is passed say from Athlete A to Athlete B, and Athlete B mismanages the race, there is always an opportunity for Athlete C to collect the baton and correct whatever mistake Athlete B might have made in order to continue the race on a fast pace.

Still in the same nexus, inefficient baton passing will lead to slower race times and lower the athletes’ enthusiasm for the relay as they struggle to “get it right”. However, practicing technique from the beginning keeps the group interested and encourages a sense of achievement every time they successfully progress from one stage to the next.

In a post on the social media platform, Gloria Adagbon, a politician, lawyer and a member of Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) as well as a staunch supporter of Dr. Pius Odubu on his race to Edo Government House wrote: “In 2016, we came together and did what we thought was right for Edo. But we were so wrong! If we had presented Odubu in 2016, the Continuity and Consolidation Agenda of the APC would have been intact! We won’t have this animosity, political war and abandoned governance that has bedevilled our state and our people.

Now is another opportunity to get it right! We must learn from our history or else history repeats itself again. APC, Odubu is the only way out of this current quagmire. And this is the truth. We choose to speak because only the truth can set us free.”

Without any iota of exaggeration, her post, though brief, is lucid enough for anyone to understand how the problem that progressive-minded Edolites are trying to solve at the moment ahead of the general election began.

Analyzed from the foregoing perspective, there is no denying the fact that Odubu is qualified enough to correct all the errors committed by Governor Obaseki within the last three and half years; particularly as he is the most qualified to run a continuity government which the ongoing government in the State pretends to for the benefits for all Edolites.

According to one of his staunch supporter, Ewan Osaro, Dr. Pius Odubu is the most qualified of all the APC aspirants in Edo State, and has the highest educational qualifications. Simply put, he is the only PhD Holder among the rest.  Not only that, he is the most experienced in terms of Government and Governance, and the only one who has been elected twice to the Federal House of Representatives as well as being the oldest party member.

Still in the same nexus, he is the only one elected twice to the office of Deputy Governor, and by far, the highest contributor to party development as well as the most loyal party man, the most steadfast, the most humble, and the man with the most established political structure.

Without any iota of exaggeration, Odubu is the most consistent, and the most unblemished candidate that is running to secure the APC ticket at the primary, and consequently win the general election on his way to Osadebey Avenue.

Away from his academic, professional and political credentials, Odubu has the most enviable virtues that cut across being resilient, amiable, gentle, admirable, pragmatic, and benevolent and stands as the man with the biggest heart among all the candidates.

Still analyzed from the foregoing perspective, Odubu is the candidate with the best understanding of issues and most prepared for the race.

Ostensibly reacting to the intimidating background of Odubu, Ewan Osaro asked, “Is there anyone who is not familiar with Odubu’s resume?” Only men and women of courage and honor make committees such as this screening committee. In the discharge of this mandate, integrity can’t be in short supply”.

It is against the perspective of the foregoing background that Odubu can be considered to have what it takes to commence a government of continuity from where Oshiomhole stopped as it is very obvious that Obaseki jettisoned the arrangement. However, it would be expedient that the elections he will participate in, particularly at the primary level, should be organized under a free and fair electoral atmosphere.

To my view, rather than the bickering on whether direct or indirect primary should be adopted come June 22, 2020, the leadership of Edo APC should understand that there is no hard and fast rule on which method to adopt in terms of party primary as leaders in the party should be guided by the constitution of the party.

APC leadership should realize that elections and other political processes are the political ingredients that Edolites need at this crucial political dispensation to set the State’s economy on the path of progress.  They should realize that any decision taken as to the kind of leadership that will commence at Osadebey Avenue come November, 2020 will either greatly advance the State or set the State’s long-term democratic development back.  I think this the time partisan politics should be discarded for the sake of attaining socio-economic growth of the State.

They should not fail to realize that the most fundamental principle defining credible elections is that they must reflect the free expression of the will of the people. To achieve this, elections should be transparent, inclusive, and accountable, and there must be equitable opportunities to compete in the elections. These broad principles are buttressed by several electoral process-related obligations, as well as a number of key rights and freedoms, each of which derive from public international law. The electoral cycle approach depicts elections as a continuous, integrated process made up of building blocks that interact with and influence each other, rather than as a series of isolated events.

In this context, it suffices to say that adopting a method based on selfish interest or corrupt tendency will be dangerous as it will not pave the way for Edo’s economic growth and the collective wellbeing of Edolites. Not organizing a free and fair election will no doubt keep Edo a strangulating under an inept government. A primary election method should be adopted based on the larger interest of the party as the ultimate goal is to present the candidate that is most sellable to the people, and who of cause is Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu.