Home Health Ghanaian youth now smoke dried faeces to get sexual energy

Ghanaian youth now smoke dried faeces to get sexual energy


Ghanaian officials have expressed worry over the surge in the smoking of dried faeces among some young people who also soak sanitary pads to drink for vitality.

Narcotics Control Board officials in Ghana say the development is worrying and difficult to also control.

A regional commander of the Narcotics Control Board, Ishak Bakuri told the media that those smoking the dried faeces mix it “with Marijuana. And there are others who smoke only the dried faeces.

“There is even another worrying development, which is the use of the pad which our sisters use when they are menstruating. They will boil the pad, sieve it and drink it.”

The practice of getting intoxicated by drinking from boiled menstrual pads has also become a problem in Sierra Leone.

Local media outlet, Joy FM reported that officials are unable to fight the activity due to lack of appropriate legislation.

In recent years, there were concerns over the abuse of drugs like Tramadol, a pain-killer drug.

Many of those reportedly abusing the drug include young people who take it in excess of approved clinical doses for various activities including prolong sex.

Health officials in Ghana have warned of devastating effects such as heart diseases among others if the trend continues.