Home Faith ‘God crucified? F**k, how unimpressive!’ – Philippines president Duterte

‘God crucified? F**k, how unimpressive!’ – Philippines president Duterte

Philippines’ eccentric leader has shared his views on the cornerstone tenets of the Christian faith, calling the Holy Trinity doctrine “silly” and claiming that it was “unimpressive” for a true god to get himself crucified.

In his latest tirade against the Catholic Church, Duterte started off by mocking the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or three expressions of one divine essence.

“You’re already praying at one God, then you’re going to pray at these cursed saints. There’s only one God,” the Philippines’ president said Saturday in Kidapawan City.

The 73-year-old leader cranked up his rhetoric when it came to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, using extremely vulgar language to attack what billions around the world consider to be God’s divine plan of salvation of humankind through the sacrifice of his Son.

“Your God was nailed on the cross. F**k! How unimpressive,” Duterte said, speaking in Tagalog. ‘‘I’m God and you will crucify me?! Motherf**ker. I’d tell them: ‘Lightning, finish all of them. Burn all the non-believers’.”

Duterte did not stop there, continuing his speech with an attack against veneration of the saints and the belief in their divine intervention. “Saint Catalina, Saint Anne, Saint Thomas, Saint Sebastian, Saint Rodrigo, they’re nothing… I don’t know them. Look, those documents were written –if at all– 3,000 years ago. Why would they care about our lives now.”

Duterte, who revealed in 2015 that he was molested by a priest when he was young, has frequently slammed the institution of the Catholic Church, which remains critical of his leadership and his iron-fisted anti-drug policies.

His harsh remarks against the Vatican have provoked repeated condemnation from the Christian community worldwide.