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ICT dealers in Alaba market clampdown on fake, substandard products


Dealers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products in Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos, on Monday said they had begun a clampdown on members who sold fake and substandard products.
The dealers, under the aegis of ICT Dealers Association, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the influx of fake products into the market had become a major source of concern for the association
They said the exercise was an in-house cleansing which started on Saturday, and would spontaneously take the task-force to shops and warehouses in Alaba market, to confiscate low-quality wares.
The spokesman of the association, Mr Kelvin Acha, decried the trend where low- quality goods found their way into the market.
“The notorious act has been going on in this market for some time without being questioned, giving all of us a blanket public condemnation.
“It is important at this point in time to put a stop to it before these sellers put us all out of business, because, the general perception now is that we all deal in fake items,’’ Acha said.
He charged security agents at the nation’s entry points to be alert to their duties and nip the influx of fake and substandard products into the country in the bud.
According to Acha, it is easier to check the influx of such inferior items at the ports.
He, however, sounded a warning to dealers who were in the habit of stocking such low standard products to desist from it, as sanctions would be meted out to anyone caught doing so.
Also speaking, another member of the association, Mr Kenneth Ugwu, said it was embarking on the clampdown to exonerate itself from the unwholesome act.
“Government regulatory bodies repose confidence in us to check such practices as stakeholders; it will be a vote of no confidence on us if we fail to carry out this in-house cleansing.
“We were informed that the regulatory agents may visit the market soon; so, it is better we ransack our house with a view to fishing out the culprits ourselves,’’ Ugwu said.
He said not taking any action would be a disservice to genuine dealers and the public at large, those who wanted to remain in the business as a legitimate way of earning a living.
“We should not fold our arms and allow a few unscrupulous dealers to dirty our market and reputation,’’ Ugwu said.