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Israel to deport or jail African migrants to preserve its ‘Jewish character’

Israeli PM

Israel is ready to make a $3,500 payment to thousands of African migrants in the country to make them leave, and would send them to jail if they stay beyond the end of March.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in public remarks at a cabinet meeting on the payment programme, called the migrants’ presence a threat to Israel’s social fabric and Jewish character, and one government minister has referred to them as ‘a cancer’.

The plan launched this week offers African migrants a $3,500 payment from the Israeli government and a free air ticket to return home or go to ‘third countries’, which rights groups identified as Rwanda and Uganda.

Netanyahu said: ‘We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out.’

An immigration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there are some 38,000 migrants living illegally in Israel, and some 1,420 are being held in two detention centres.

‘Beyond the end of March, those who leave voluntarily will receive a significantly smaller payment that will shrink even more with time, and enforcement measures will begin,’ the official said, referring to incarceration.

Some have lived for years in Israel and work in low-paying jobs that many Israelis shun.

Israel has granted asylum to fewer than one percent of those who have applied and has a years-long backlog of applicants.

Rights groups have accused Israel of being slow to process African migrants’ asylum requests as a matter of policy and denying legitimate claims to the status.

Teklit Michael, a 29-asylum seeker from Eritrea living in Tel Aviv, said in response to the Israeli plan that paying money to other governments to take in Africans was akin to ‘human trafficking and smuggling’.

‘We don’t know what is waiting for us (in Rwanda and Uganda),’ he told Reuters by telephone. ‘They prefer now to stay in prison (in Israel) instead.’

In his remarks, Netanyahu cited the large presence of African migrants in Tel Aviv’s poorer neighbourhoods, where he said ‘veteran residents’ – a reference to Israelis – no longer feel safe.

‘So today, we are keeping our promise to restore calm, a sense of personal security and law and order to the residents of south Tel Aviv and those in many other neighbourhoods,’ he said.