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Laolu Akande pledges robust communication from President’s media team


The Senior Special Assistant, (SSA) Media and Puplicity, to the Vice President, Mr Laolu Akande, on Thursday pledged robust and transparent operations by the media team of the Presidency to project the activities of the Federal Government.
He said this to State House Press Corps while responding to his confirmation as the SSA.
Akande said the work of the team must focus on the change agenda which brought the administration to power.
“The strategy of the communication team, which is one team, is to communicate the activities of Mr President in a way that stays through to the message of change that brought this administration to power.
`We are going to be transparent and I am sure that you have had a little bit of insight into that.
“It is going to be a government that is going to stay connected to the people, that is going to stay engaged with the people, that is going to reveal that a government should always remain open to the people that elected it.
“So, you are going to see a lot more of that as we go forward.’’
Akande described his confirmation as a great opportunity to serve the country and to serve under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
“Both of them are people of high moral probity, unabashedly honest. I don’t know of a better set of people to lead this country at this time,’’ he said.
Akande said the administration had achieved a lot in the last 100 days in the economic and social sectors.
He said the Federal Government’s financial assistance given to the states to pay salaries, the tone it set by the Single Treasury Account as well as the fight against corruption were exemplary.
He said the issue of Boko Haram would soon be over as the President had already given the directive and the military command also on top of the situation.
Akande said the government policy to tackle poverty was a huge change in social investment while the generation of 4,600MW of electricity in the country had started yielding results in the productive sector.
“Power generation has grown by about 29 per cent and already we have reached a peak of 4,662 MW.
“That has not happened in a long time if at all it has ever happened and we are projecting that by the end of this year into the first quarter of next year we are going to have about 5,000MW,’’ he said.