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Logor Adeyemi’s ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ opens


‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, a conceptual installation of light and photography by Logo Oluwamuyiwa ‘Logor’ Adeyemi, featuring excerpts from his widely acclaimed ‘Monochrome Lagos’ and other works, opened on Thursday, May 19.

Logor, a photographer and filmmaker, works predominantly in ‘black and white’, taking the observer from ‘clash’ to ‘subtlety’, ‘noise’ to ‘calm’. The exhibition showcases the artist’s unique approach to conceptual documentation of the human carnival.

Logor’s first major project, ‘Monochrome Lagos’, is a unique reflection on the city of Lagos that strips down the noisy colours of the busy metropolis. The works are a visual digital archive, a unique reflection on an old city, and an extraordinary exposė of its idiosyncrasies and aesthetics.

The photographer showcases the beauty of this extraordinary city in a poetic, mystical, mythical and romantic form, delivering a place to which none has hitherto been or seen. Logor’s is a fresh perspective on a well trod path, presented in enchanting portraiture and landscape photography.

In its breath, freshness and daring, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ achieves a true paradigm shift in how the city is presented and appreciated by a global audience, including local residents who typically rush past the unchanging beauty of this old town.

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is Logor’s maiden exhibition with ALARA Art and doubles as the debut exhibition in the ‘ALARA Emerging Artists’ series.

The exhibition is ongoing till June 30.