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New programme will give teachers in International Schools the skills they need – Tes

A SafeOnline participant from New State High School, Mushin Lagos, presenting a group activity on Password Security as the Safety Educator listens

Tes, the global education leader, has launched an innovative new programme to help teachers develop the specific skills they need to teach in International Schools.

The International Teaching Practice Programme is a flexible online course which can be blended with tutor support for international school teachers. The course will support teachers to become reflective practitioners and develop their classroom skills, in an international and intercultural school context. The programme has been deigned and delivered by Tes Institute, the accredited teacher training and development arm of Tes.

The course is delivered in English and each module has a glossary of key terms in Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic, so it’s ideal for international school teachers. The flexible programme runs for 12 weeks (but can be adapted) and consists of 8 online sessions. Session titles include Adaptive Teaching, Lesson Preparation and Cultural Context.

This course has been developed by teacher training experts at Tes Institute, as part of what Tes delivers all over the world. Tes is an EdTech leader that delivers software enabled solutions to schools and also produces the Tes magazine and tes.com website, the most trusted source of education news and views in the UK.

Tes has more than 13 million teachers in its online community and working relationships with 25,000 schools in over 100 countries.

Sian Harris, Global Director of Tes Institute said:

“Teachers in international schools face unique and rapidly evolving challenges. The growth in international education means schools need sustainable ways to develop a truly global teaching workforce. Teaching in an international and intercultural school context requires particular qualities and skills.

“Our new International Teaching Practice Programme will give teachers in international schools across the world the skills to deliver high quality teaching and learning and the cultural awareness they need in the classroom. We want to support teachers to be more effective in the international school context and develop classroom practice and pedagogy, to benefit the millions of children who study in them.”

Charterhouse Asia are planning to open new internationalised schools across Asia over the next few years. They are going to develop home grown teachers for these schools using the International Teaching Practice Programme from Tes Institute.

Richard Pratt, Director of Education at Charterhouse Asia said:

“In addition to recruiting from the international school teacher population, we want to create a teaching population of local nationals for Charterhouse Schools in Asia.

“The international teaching style is very distinctive and a programme like this will help us turn talented graduates into teachers ready for our classrooms.

“We’re looking to put people through the International Teaching Practice Programme, then onto an iPGCE course so they’re fully qualified, but this is very flexible.

“This is a chance to create our own teachers, tapping into a very large talent pool. This programme will give teachers the ability to work out for themselves how to teach and develop their own style.”

Since the year 2000, the number of international schools around the world has more than trebled. Data indicates there are now over 11,000 international schools teaching over 5.6 million students. Although international schools remain a preferred choice of many expatriates, the vast majority of enrolments (approximately 80%) are now children of local families attending an international school in their native country.1

To find out more about the new International Teaching Practice Programme from Tes, visit https://www.tes.com/for-schools/training/international-teaching-practice.