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Nigeria’s moral standard crumbled with annulment of June 12, 1993 election – Joseph Adeosun


By Michael Adesanya/Abeokuta

The National President of Christian Endeavour Union of Nigeria, Dr Joseph Obafemi Adeosun said the nation’s moral standard crumbled after annulment of June 12, 1993 presidential election and that the action gave way to social vices  bedeviling the country now.

Adeosun, who addressed some selected journalists in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, called on leaders to be good models to youths and create new vision in them. 

While speaking on the activities of his Union, the clergyman opined that a youth with vision may not easily go to crime as the vision will propel him to run away from crime 

Adeosun said “The moral standard of this country started to crumble with the annulment of June 12 1993 Presidential election. From that moment everybody believed that with impunity you can do everything and anything you do is final (asegbe) and that was when drug was promote”. 

“Go and see children who grew up from that time till now 20s-30, they grow up in impunity till now. They grew up in the time of violence, they grew up when drug is being promoted, they grow up when fraudsters (419) were promoted, they grew up when materialism were the order of the day and that was the mentality that has captured their minds. That was the fruit Nigeria is reaping now.

“The only way to redeem it is for us to go back to the era where conscience and family value is being promoted. We give credence to hard work, but now somebody who is maybe a tout is having the best building, boasting on TV that he imported all his furniture from Italy. People seen thugs attaining great heights the society.”

He said his organization organised a conference a year ago attended by about 40,000 youths. ‘’We brought in lawyers, doctors, every profession, to speak to the youths for about 10, 15minutes on what are the qualifications to have before becoming a lawyer and so on and so forth; 90 percent of those children are graduates today because a vision have been planted in them”.