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Nnamdi Kanu’s election boycott campaign shows he is traitor to Igbo and southerners

Pro-Biafra agitators

By Prof Omoh Ojior

I am now tempted to believe that the man, a boy when Nigerians fought a civil war, is being used by enemies of our country and Africa. The size of the protest on this eve of an important election in Nigeria is a pointer that those behind him hiding and paying lip service on peace and democracy in Nigeria need to stop.

Nigerians in the South of the Nigerian nation ought to team up now instead of splitting which gives room for the wrong people to win most elections in Nigeria, over the years. If Southerners team up and defeat the Jihadists, the right knowledgeable people run our government; the issue of marginalization will have no room in the South of the country. It is marginalization that is what makes people feel dispossessed.

We all should condemn Kanu now who is making himself the tool to be used to continue to split Southerners, especially in elections.  It should be unacceptable to allow the enemies supporting and funding him to do what he is doing on the eve of the 2019 election in Nigeria.

The entire NIGERIANS need to stop Kanu. He does not represent the most of the Igbos who understand more of what is at stake. The Zik of Africa and millions of Igbos like him, the late Rt Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Owelle of Igbo land is unhappy in his grave with what Kanu is doing these days. It is greatly unwise to allow any attempt to destroy what our ancestors like the Herbart Macaulay, Zik of Africa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, J. S. Tarka, Milam Aminu Kano, Maitama Sule, just to mention these few, have fought to put together for years for us.

There are millions of very reasonable and conscious Igbos, they should call Kanu and his few miss directed few Igbos to see why what they are doing now is inappropriate, unacceptable and downright criminal.  The Soul of Africa is threatened when the unity of Nigeria is tempted.  Azikiwe knew better why Nigerian unity should never be compromised.  There is something in size; there is more in huge population, and there is much more in resources, and all Nigeria have; and all put together were the reason our ancestors fought to ensure there is one Nigeria.

“To Keep Nigeria One, Is a Task that must be done.”  This was the slogan or a paradigm with which all Nigerians fought and won the civil war for our country.

Just take a look at Ghana, it is a power within itself, but it cannot do a thing if Africa is tested. That is what Kanu is being pushed to do, to destabilize Nigeria’s strength and power. The Founding Fathers and Mother’s of our land will be unavailable to come to aid us in our time of need, time like now. LET US RESPECT OUR ANCESTORS AND THEIR DESIRES.   It was their desire, and great as it was in their hearts and mind, they fought tooth and nails to ensure one Nigeria.  It will be disregard and disrespectful to our ancestors to allow Nigeria divided, and it is the South of our country that holds the key if this generation of the Kanus will ever know it.

I know that something is wrong, and in my opinion the miss education, the inappropriate and defective educational curricular is partly to blame for our inability to nurture the right thoughts many a time. If like the Kanus have read the History of our  country to know how we got to where we are, splitting the South would not crossed his mind; he would have been a wise man.  Just think of it: after Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwus  had learned the lesson, he quietly left and stay in an African country to allow temper cools down before he returned back to his father and mother land.  He did not betray his roots and culture. Contrary is the case with Kanu who is now an Hebrew boy with an un-Nigerian foreign symbol on his head.

It is unwise to run away from what one is or else, one will become what he or she is not.  A country that threatened to turn Aso Rock to ashes is not a friend of Nigeria, and that country is where Kanu has made his home.  Kane’s ideology should be rejected by Nigerians.

As for me, we can now blame ourselves because my people of Ekphei say that, Aagba Adeke vbhio le egbhai, meaning that we can beat a fool to become wise. The beatings we have received as Nigerians are enough to have made us wise.

At the poll this Saturday, let all people in the South vote their heart and their conscience;  do not vote for party; and let other Nigerians in other parts of the country vote their heart, their conscience and not party. Let us love Nigeria and love  our people and our interests for the sake of progress and development.