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Nothing is Omoluabi in Ogbeni Aregbesola


I have watched keenly the state of things in the State of Osun and have taken to silence not because I have nothing to say; but because I have realized how irrational Osun people are, how sentiments of nettled standards have overtaken the path of wisdom, how a one -party legislature can sit comfortably with complete lawlessness.

It was recently that I felt the sharp pain of the economic situation of the state when I received a distress call from my mother, a primary school teacher in Osun State. My mother will never call me to ask for money, that I know. But I was shocked when I picked up the call and she didn’t respond to my jokes and jibes. I was forced to ask what exactly the matter was. She responded in an uncomfortable manner, saying there was urgent need to buy drugs and Ogbeni has refused to pay for months. That was how a single distress call further expressed the dilapidated situation of the State of Osun.
When Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola launched the project called Opon Imo, I criticised it heavily and asked how sustainable the project was and is. I was heavily criticized; but the question remains, where are the Opon Imo? When last did they give them out and where are the students that collected them? I beseech everyone to check the performance index of students of Osun public schools in the last four WAEC & NECO to see the appalling situation. One can only weep for the future of Osun state.
Before, the story was that Jonathan deliberately refused to release funds. Thereafter, it was said that Buhari said the Federal Government was not owing any state or withholding allocation. Later, the story changed to how Jonathan mismanaged the economy. The question is, did Jonathan come into Osun to govern or award contracts within the state? Or does the general economic situation of the country have its headquarters in Osun state?
Well, haven said it before, I wish to restate that Aregbesola is a noise maker, an indecent one at that, who is meant to be a character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
To the non-literates in Osun state who got swayed by the noises on radio and television, I wish them best of luck as they experience clearly the anger of God on the state. If you don’t know, cash flow in Osun is basically from the state purse without which no company or big agencies can help the economy. What that denotes is that it is when the state government pays civil servants that artisans and other non-state workers will make money. I can guess you understand how it goes on like a chain?
What I’m driving at is simple: Under Ogbeni, Osun state has broken into tatters. The debt profile of the state establishes a fact that it is either an end time sign or a redefined struggle.

Aregbesola borrowed from First Bank the sum of N124.5 million on the 11th of July 2012 for the O’meal project. Now that the money has been exhausted, the state has decided to stop the O’meal project. Why embark on a project that is not sustainable? Why borrow money for a project that won’t bring in a dime. Is it the duty of the government to feed pupils? What are you feeding them for? What’s the rationale behind the feeding? Are pupils in Osun state now in schools to eat or learn? How on earth can’t Ogbeni differentiate between a restaurant and a school?
Well, for those who are not aware, the O’yes tech project was carried out on a N250 million loan taken from Wema Bank. If I may ask, what are the reasons for these debts and projects? Will the state continue to borrow till a creditor sells the government house on OLX or KONGA? First Bank also granted over N500 million loan to fund the O’uniform fiasco. Mind you, all these loans are with ever growing interests. Most of these debts are unnecessary and 60% of Aregbesola’s policies and projects are cosmetic meant to cajole gullible people of Osun.
Kudos to many who have refused to fold their hands and watch a government send its people on exile with its unacceptable 10th century government policies.