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Opera meets Folk Music in Ranti’s stirring Debut: Iwe Kiko


One listen to Ranti Ihimoyan’s debut single, Iwe Kiko, quickly reveals that it’s all about folk music and the nostalgia that she brings with her music.

Iwe Kiko speaks directly to the listener – carried by Ranti’s smooth, fluid vocals and musical harmony, with just the right amount of jive.
Although, Iwe Kiko was a long time coming, Ranti seems ultimately very grateful for each and every detour she encountered in her journey. The single was produced by the legendary Cobhams Asuquo.
Ranti Ihimoyan, Soprano Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Performer, who goes on stage simply as Ranti, has been a thrilling musical performer for both local and international audiences, cutting across a wide variety of music interpretations and styles including the classical, jazz, blues and contemporary music forms.
She enjoys singing and being a passionate musician, and has been called to performances on a variety of stages alongside music greats including, Yinka Davies, Bongos Ikwue and Prof. (Sir) Victor Uwaifo.
This brought her to the attention of Seth Riggs – legendary vocal coach based in Los Angeles, California. Seth has coached over 120 Grammy Award winners including singers, actors and entertainers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Diana Ross, Madonna, Josh Groban and many others.
While in Chicago, studying to become a Chemical Engineer, Ranti was exposed to jazz, blues & soul music. She explored the fusion of neo-soul & classical music in a style she refers to as Neo-Classical music. She and her Neo-Classical Band, Orchestra and sound, have performed original songs and standards at events hosted by Shell, Nissan, Lebanese Ladies’ Society (singing the Lebanese National Anthem with and training Pacelli’s School for the Blind students), Lifehouse (International Women’s Day), Felabration (Neo-Classical arrangement of Fela’s 60’s music), Society of Performing Arts of Nigeria (SPAN) Festival, Music Meets Runway Fashion Show with Mai Atafo, “Love Is” The Musical, Lagos Jazz Series amongst many others.
Ranti left her thriving core engineering career at the end of 2014 to focus fully on her musical and theatrical career. She hopes to continue to share beautiful music and theatrical performances that will bring hope to the world starting from Africa (where she believes she can make an impact).
In Feb 2015, she put together her own Opera concert themed ‘After the Dream’ which was a huge success and received many appraisals and notable guests from the classical and contemporary music world.
Ranti, who regards her music style as Folk Music with interpretations cutting across various genres, makes her debut to the music recording industry with the release of her singles, videos and performances scheduled at various locations and eventually an Album.

Ranti hopes to inspire a larger audience with her music and share with the world the passions and gifts that lie within. She has been known to make new friends at every performance; both old and young and every single time, it has been an experience for everyone. She is a reminder for everyone… a reminder of what is pure, what is good and what is true.