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PENarity by Deji Lawson: Why Buhari should not do anything about the killings in Katsina State

Buhari at a meeting with service chiefs

By Deji Lawson

Bandits and Fulani herdsmen (the fourth terrorist group in the whole world) have moved their capital in Nigeria. They’ve moved to Katsina state and are seriously enjoying themselves; doing what they know best to do. Leaving sorrows, tears and blood. It has left Gov Masari even more speechless than he’s been in the past 5 years. The man is just quietly living his term out. He’s fulfilled his life ambition of being a 2-term Nigerian governor no matter, literally, whose ox is gored or whose limb is maimed. His next aim should just be to resume as a Senator in the governors’ retirement home at the National Assembly in 2023. Gaskiya ni!

On his part, the killings have left rtd Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari shocked. Shocked! That word again! Buhari is the shockest president thus far in the history of Nigeria. His latest job description is being shocked! His indefatigable media aides have indefatigably used that word for every major killings in the past three months! Some people will be very shocked if the president isn’t shocked when next the Northwest bandits and their Northeast Boko Haram counterparts do their thing.

Meanwhile, while Buhari is being effectively shocked, some outsiders like those from the United Kingdom and USA are crying more than the Katsina bereaved. For example, Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state wrote decrying the killings, recently. They wonder how thousands can be killed, maimed and displaced ceaselessly in a country that seems to have a president.

But think about it! It seems the bandits have sense. It appears that they read newspapers. They understand trends. Could it be that they see that the federal capital of Nigeria is being emotionally moved to Katsina, with the capital of the new capital in lost, but found, privileged Daura city? Daura and the rest of Katsina are the current beautiful bride of Nigerian politics.

University of Agbero, sorry Transport; a military Baracks, a Federal Polytechnic; a new refinery, power transmissions station, rail line, Air Force hospital and FUDMA medical school are all springing up in Daura area alone in just 5 years of an incorruptible Buhari presidency. So, maybe the bandits think their presence needs to be felt there too.

As Buhari slowly recovers from the shock of the killings in his home state, he’s already taking serious actions to stop the killings. Firstly, he has blamed the military chiefs who PDP and Jonathan appointed for him and have prevented him from sacking after the military chiefs have been both technically defeated and completely degraded!

You must understand how Buhari thinks. He’s never wrong. Every other person is his alibi for failure. It’s a virus he has fully transmitted to his die-hard supporters. How you can identify a left-over (for some have abandoned the ship) Buhari supporter is to ask them to name ANTHING that Buhari has ever done wrong. They won’t be able to mention half a thing! Buhari is a cult idol of incorruptible proportions. If you press them further, they’ll refer you to how PDP stole Buhari’s mandate since 1999 and destroyed the nation since independence. So, you see, Buhari can’t do anything… wrong!

The North, especially Buhari’s hometown is in a serious security and poverty mess currently and it’s not Buhari’s fault. When there were insecurity challenges during wanton GEJ’s time, Buhari and the Northerner bandits and the southerner misleds shouted to high heavens. Buhari’s body language and caustic comments added fire to the insurgency. Chibok girls kidnappings were stagemanaged in order to make the government ungovernable for a southerner president.

Buhari that didn’t have any known certificate for about 60 years since independence and no serious personal leadership development or successful private business, but just armed with reliance on national resources since independence was sure he could run Nigeria better. With just bitterness, divisiveness, nepotism and gangling body language. And his cult-followers chanted a then-resounding, but now, receding “Sai-Baba!”

Call it nemesis, karma, payback; whatever a man sows is what he’ll reap. The seeds Buhari sowed when he wanted to grab power have matured and are now yielding multiple fruits that are setting his teeth and those of his people on edge. Insurgency stares him and his cry-beloved-city, Daura, in the face. And Buhari is shocked. He’s shocked that God, the quiet judge, pays every man according to their deeds. He’s shocked that the child who says his mother won’t sleep won’t also enjoy a nap.

Buhari and his pseudo-progressives abused, worked against any good thing previous administrations did. They protested or marched against the sale of the dead refineries, removal of fuel subsidy, devaluation of naira, TSA, external borrowing, electricity supply, among others. In their intelligence and creativity- deficient tenure, they’ve done almost all those things they fought ignorantly against without any apologies or shame. They protested and criticised past governments without being arrested. Today, anyone, young or old, who says any negative thing against their misrule is arrested and jailed or threatened with every possible machiavellian strategy. Ask the 70-year old Katsina man who complained because of the devastation of his family and the other one who led a protest against Kai-Baba about two weeks ago! Or even the journalist-poet who spent over a month in detention for talking against the elo-quacious information handler, who in his hey-days allegedly mixed truth with falsehood in dubious quantities.

Anything that touches Daura touches the apple of Buhari’s eyes. So why he’s still shocked, he’s asked the impotent service chiefs to perform. But how can they perfom fighting a war which obviously some people who have sent them on that suicide errand don’t want to be won because the bandits, Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are actually friendly-enemies; created tools for political and religious purposes, albeit gone out of hand.

The question one has for Buhari is… why must he do anything about the Katsina killings? He and his cheerleaders must not forget that he, as president, didn’t do anything when herdsmen killed hundreds of Benue people just a few years ago. While the bereaved were burying their dead with tears and bitterness, Buhari had calmly told them they should learn to accommodate their killer-neigbours.

Why should Buhari do anything about Katsina killings when he didn’t do anything about the Plateau state killings where lives and property were lost to rampaging herdsmen?

Why is Buhari bent on doing anything for the dead and dying of Katsina why he didn’t do anything when the same herdsmen-turned criminals were raiding Southwest for the precious educated lives of Yoruba scions who had spent and sweated their destinies in getting sound education while the bloodthirsty herdsmen were still learning and living maniacal 13th century AD barbaric traditions in a 21st century world?

Why must Buhari stop the Katsina killings when other people’s lives don’t matter to his stoic mind? He shouldn’t just bother but concentrate on enjoying the imperial benefits of his well-fought for power grab. A power grab without responsibilities. He should simply do what he’s best known for and loves so much to do. Nothing!