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Speed up investigation into death of Lagos Pharmacist, detained wife’s family tell police


As the wife of the late pharmacist, Oluwaseun Olafare, who committed suicide on April 12, remains in the custody of the Police, her family members say it expects the conclusion of investigations quickly.

The family said it had examined the unfortunate suicide critically and resolved to stand firm by their bereaved sister, Busayo Olafare.
The family, in a statement to journalists, said it had kept quiet out of respect for the memory of the deceased, as well as out of shock and consideration for the feelings of their daughter who had been taken into police custody since the incident.
“We kept quiet out of the belief that the marriage produced two children who are still infants and deserve a better memory of a father they will grow up without knowing.
“We also kept quiet out of the belief that we should not issue a statement in order not to prejudice police investigations into the matter in any way,” it said.
The statement noted that the family was worried about the continued detention of their daughter, even when it was clear that the deceased family was informed immediately the incident occurred.
It also noted that that the corpse was taken to the Gbagada General Hospital’s morgue by the deceased’s neighbours after he had died in a hospital.
The statement also noted that his wife did not attempt to run away, wondering where she would have run to.
“She has a career job and two infant children. Her maternal and paternal family houses are in Shomolu and it was one of the addresses that was given to the Police at Oworonsoki.
“Suggesting that she would run away is suggesting that that her whole family, her uncles, aunts and families who live in that house would run away,” it said.
The statement said that the family “stands firmly by Busayo’s story and we have no reasons whatsoever to doubt her.
“Busayo did not attempt to escape and will not under any circumstance do so as there is no reason to do so. We will take any and all steps necessary to protect her rights and interests and those of her infant children,” it said.
The statement thanked all who had stood by them and Busayo in “dark period of our daughter’s life, we know it will be morning yet”.
It prayed for the repose of Oluwaseun. Oluwaseun was reported to have committed suicide by drinking a substance believed to be poisonous.
The wife claimed that her late husband left a suicide note which advised her to forgive him and that if he did not survive, she could remarry.
Meanwhile the Police have said they were investigating the matter and had taken the remaining substance he was believed to have drank for forensic test to determine what it is. The Police have also said that it would conduct autopsy to determine the actual cause of his death.