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Tai Olaniyi: Life ‘s Lessons , COVID-19 etal.


By Tai Olaniyi

“History is that subject where it is difficult to begin from the beginning” so says a Swiss historian .And so when once upon a time, the lion roars and rolled into roared, it later lost its strength in the jungle.

Many a man when in the colony of man and jungle of power, rather than heed the advice of mystic philosopher , the sage of all ages, Socrates admonition in “The unexamined life is not worth living”, lived and dabbled into life with their powers unexamined.

They seek and get power without an inkling and blinks that the human entity itself is degenerative, the power and positions damn operate in sequence and consequence to eternal constant, the ” Law of change “.

Hmm, the once upon a time lawmakers that bothered not to examine the potency of ” Law of change” in their  unholy communion partook only in laws  that sued fancies, vogues and pockets without ruminating on the unbroken law that today once yesterday’s tomorrow would one day again to be yesterday.

Hmmnn, the once powerful , once famous in positions held ,where are you today in comparative analysis of ambience of office once enjoyed and now the amplitudes of fear of shame and public opinions about you?
In rubbles and rubbish usually drain the powers of pockets without considerations for penuries of people and populace.

In once hosanna today in juxtapose of crucify him, you tomorrow.
Enough is enough of peculiarities in pomposity and tomfoolery, “O to geeeee”, because as one sang by Bob Marley and the Wailing Wailers, ” You are the big treeeeee, we are the small axe, waiting to cut you down, ready to fell you downnnn”.

The time is now to let all those powers without conscience realize the golden truth, the dictum of a sage, “When conscienceless power rules over powerless conscience, it is the former that first laughs but the latter laughs last and laughs best”.

Of course time is a measuring cylinder and archive of human deeds, it tells and  it’s the whistleblower of time past hidden or open.

Time like wind blows the feathers of chicken to expose its anus and so like wheather culminates in climate change and global meltdown that all said and done , ” Utmost Power” belongs to Almighty God.

To once “Excellency , Distinguished Senator(s) , Honourables and what have you, how market in public domain where the hawking of brand fame and shame alternate?

Hmmnn ” The greatest lesson of history is that history has no lessons to teach”.
If however when  it does , prayer is 9th Republic lawmakers would learn that champagne bottles and content now their portion at the beginning of sessions, congratulatory messages may not be present continuous at the end of tenure.

Acquisition of cars, unending largesse of office if care is not taken and lessons glaring to learn from, would just bubble and burst time not expected.

As for Son of Man, a Senior Citizen still serving Nigeria and humanity through the God of my heart, God of my realisations who dwelleth in Light, Life and Love, I pray God Bless Nigeria.