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Tai Olaniyi: Minding our today for tomorrow’s judgement


By Tai Olaniyi

The question is who will judge you aright in the land where injustices abound like the combination of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?

Time remains an ultimate judge and this time equally is a reflector of thoughts, words and actions of you and I.

We sometimes and most times feel unperturbed to reflect on our thoughts, words and actions including their interplay on what, who, why, how in what we are as humans.

We simply pride in our outer outlay fizzling self at the peril of the soul which when it vamooses from these carcasses we carry and assume to be everything, we simply become nothing amidst nothingness of man?

Look around you and think around and about you who your thoughts, words and actions have either uplifted and or down rooted.

Today looks so real and a time to reckon with because by Divine providence we have a peep into it , we rode in the voyage of life and journeyed from yesterday into this moment of now of today.

Do you have an assurance of journeying through into the change of baton from 12/ 12.2020 into the 1st chime into 2021 talk less of 2023 ?

Yes you can be Mr President(s) and a host of others with big titles, you can ride in best of vehicles and lay your heads in best of mansions, your gavel and positions could afford you dictate tunes as you drum and get drunk in power.

Several others may sleep in gutters, scavenge for intestines of unwanted animals and birds for their meals, you can make and mar cases to suit fancies and vogues but this our today together is our time.

Last second has gone but several others that will come may find us being something in something, something in nothing, nothing in something and nothing in nothing.

Think, as you this moment when the soul still looms round the corner how you and I both individually and collectively have made Nigeria what it is today, who Nigerians are and how humanity is faring by our thoughts, words and actions.

So glaring in Nigeria of today are much more of destructive elements than building blocks and so with us : “Politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice.”

Elections have come and gone,#EndSARS has rustled and rattled, many were alleged dead, arrests, investigations ongoing, Covid-19 pandemic taking tolls with or without palliatives, yet ,our pains remain because our humanity is at the verge of collapse because humans are daily getting inhuman with fellow humans.

Is it not a truism the assumption, ” For your tomorrow give your today”. Similarly and clinging to the submission of Walt Disney: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

I concur with the old saying of the Rosicrucian sage: “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, have you moved forward in thoughts and conducts? “.
I conclude, “If not why not?”.

Think about it.