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Tai Olaniyi: The Fear of Fear – Why and what to fear


By Tai Olaniyi

Fear is said to be anti progress and sometimes an act of cowardice and unmanliness. Those who fear are regarded weaklings and at times called woman if even when a man.
The question then is , ” Is fear an anomaly or something to refrain from?”.

I may be seen entwined in madness presenting a scenario of fears when indeed it should be otherwise, asking for courage or courageous phenomena.

Please don’t pardon me for fearing fears when fearful things are happening around us this world of woes and especially now in Nigeria where courage to suicide bomb appeals more than the fear of Almighty Allah who only creates but has no hand in destruction.
Fear nurtures emotional instability, anxiety, despondency, helplessness and hopelessness and very disharmonious to one’s health. Yet, we could not or/ and cannot but fear. In many circumstances fears have made mess the courage of the Son of Man just like you cannot lay claim to never been implicated in one fear or the other.

When good life is turning bad we must learn to nurture some fears lest it gets worse in our korokoro eyes.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” so says the Scripture, this intends us to appreciate the awesomeness of only the “Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End” and as the Rosicrucian ontology emphasises the Creator in Alpha and Omega, therefore, “The Beginning’.
Jesus the Christ, the greatest Mystic, Illuminati and Redeemer of Mankind and Reconciler of Humanity back to process of Reintegration, equally admonishes us Not to fear he who though can kill the body but not the Soul. But we are to fear He who can cast Soul into raging hell fire. Note, Jesus though mindful of this aforesaid statement, but equally manifested both the fear of pain of crucifixion and the casting of soul to hell so he yielded to the WILL of our Father in heaven, the utmost and the why of positive fear in fearing.

Hmmmm do you ever nurture and should you fear fears?

Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, as manly as he was, seeing discordant tunes in his society of hold, disparaging his father Unoka for being fears personified, still was humbled in fear when he stated, ” I fear for the people, I fear for the clan”.

Restructuring, ethnic clinging, gangsterism and religious mangomango are gathering clouds of bombs, the old ones in our midst have no relics of leadership qualities worth emulating in their rulers apparel, the young are though youthful only full of exhuberances and thus, their today implicates helplessly the tomorrow next step.
Why Nigerians, why the maiming, moaning, killing and wailing?