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Tai Olaniyi: When Will Satan Die?


By Tai Olaniyi
Whatever is opposite of what human heart, mind and soul cherishes so much but regarded unobtainable despite numerous prayers is most times taken as the work of Satan.

There was no appellation as the name Satan during our childhood days at Offa but anything regarded evil was said to be handiwork of “Esubeleke” ” Asintani” now called Satan.
From time immemorial and till date, the why, what, when, where and how? is Satan, the origin and conditions that brought him or her about still call for questioning as well as rumination.

Since one is not an adept of traditional religion, not a seminarian of any of the Christian Church and neither a Muslim scholar of any of the tariqas I can only lay claim to my personal feelings about whether or not Satan was, is or shall ever be.

When was Satan created and why should he or she ever be who, what and anyhow he/ she is?
The written scriptures are repository of Satan and his/ her evil, devilish and destructive tendencies but when and what form and manner she / he came about still must beat imaginations, call it mystery.

Hmmmm mystery?
Yes, inspired humans sharing thoughts with the Creator, thought, said and acted in myriad of ways to give us glimpses as attributes of Satan but likely it was in form they thought it and felt it.

Is Satan a finite or infinite being, created or born, growing and like man later going to die?

Haaaa this Satan sef seems ubiquitous, very powerful and full of cunning, cunning wisdom.
Very possessive and acquisitive, imperial and autocratic, religious and very corrupting. Sabi smuggle dividends when giving power to majority of adherents of evil and daily practitioners of if you miss the heavenly bliss enjoy this earthly opulence till rapture comes over.

By the way if Satan has truly carved or created Hell as own kingdom, will he/she equally burn eternally like fellow sinners or remains eternal or immortal while sinful sinners roast and fry?

Believe me I think it’s time hot-hot prayers serve as our prayer points now that God in His Mercy , Glory and Honour put Satan to shame by letting he/ she kapus lest everyone comes under his/ her influences .

Prayer warriors, cabals, cartels and katas must carry offerings both of burnt and mint minds to thoughtfully, heartfully, and soulfully replace Satan with those of sincere efforts at knowing who the True Creator truly Is.

Note that our daily thoughts usually give dimensions to evil, we attribute potencies and powers to unkindness, inhuman, divisive and ungodly religious attitudes but still germinating in perceived beliefs we aren’t the Satan.

Not until Satan kapus ,the world at large and at eons of time shall never know peace.

Are You the Satan or something else is the Satan? Whatever be the case when shall Satan die especially as it concerns You and I?

Join me in this prayer that can help dislodge Satan and sends it, he or she to untimely death as I rank-xeroxes a Muslim Mystic prayer in which I am well pleased:

” God let me not worship You because of the fear of Hell.
Let me not worship You because of the love of Paradise.
But let me worship You because of Who You are.
If I worship You because of the fear of Hell I will burn in hell.
If I worship You because of the love of Paradise I will never reach Paradise
But if I worship You because of Whom You are, bestow Thy everlasting blessings on me.”

By the way should Satan die?