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The true value of IT Asset Disposition

Wale Arewa, CEO of Xperien

Should companies use a professional IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) provider instead of disposing of redundant IT equipment themselves? South African ITAD specialist, Xperien says this should be a key consideration and must form part of any IT asset disposition strategy.

Most organisations have very little or no idea when it comes to the protection of personal information when disposing of redundant IT assets. However, if done correctly by professionals, ITAD offers data protection, legislative compliance, environmentally safe practices and most important, brand protection.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says by retiring technology assets wisely, customers can offset the cost of a secure IT asset disposition programme.

“Rather find yourself a third-party specialist with deep experience in secure IT asset disposition,” he said.

Concern about data security is the key reason companies choose a professional ITAD provider. There is a risk of exposing sensitive data with every retired device and data breaches can cost organisations millions of Rands.

Professional ITAD providers are best equipped to ensure complete data erasure and they also ensure that devices are properly processed and disposed of in a safe and compliant manner. Environmental damage and human health hazards from improperly discarded electronics are serious issues. This is why ITAD specialists focus on reuse before recycling.

Data exposure can also cause irreparable damage to a business brand. Professional ITAD providers focus on security and risk mitigation and understand the importance of environmental protection.

Arewa says professional, full-service ITAD providers can return value to their customers in various ways. “We offer expert knowledge of data destruction and environmental regulations and international compliance with many different standards.”

“We also offer state-of-the-art data sanitisation equipment and techniques, complete asset validation and documentation and we minimise the risk of data exposure or asset loss. We are skilled in remarking for greater value return,” he explains.

Xperien provides specialised ITAD and reverse supply chain solutions that protect its client’s brands and uncover opportunity for value capture at the end of the IT product lifecycle.

“We offer a comprehensive mix of best practices, best processes, experience, thorough reporting and the highest levels of service,” he concludes.

Xperien (Pty) Limited is the African leader in Secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services and received Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for Refurbishment and redistribution of redundant IT assets and equipment.

Its clients, mainly from the financial services sector, require it to manage their enterprise and desktop infrastructures countrywide and abroad.

It is the only company in Africa employing more than 10 staff members that have ITAD as a core business. ITAD service is the ‘last mile’ of the life cycle for corporate IT hardware.

It manages millions of devices annually, disposing of them in a sustainable manner and in compliance with the laws of South Africa (PoPIA, NEMWA & CPA). Only the likes of Device SA, Bytes Technology, Dimension Data, T-Systems, BCX, EOH and Gijima are able to service our clients.