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UK husband posts naked pictures of wife online over adultery


An aggrieved husband who posted naked images of his wife of 23 years on Facebook after discovering she was having an affair has been handed a restraining order by a UK court.

The judge was also told that an angry David Honeybell also threatened to send the intimate images to his wife Sarah’s workplace, a John Lewis store in Nottingham, as well as the company’s head office.
The couple were together for 23 years before Mrs Honeybell’s infidelity was revealed, leaving her husband in ‘shock’, magistrates were told.
The prosecutor, Sumaiya Khan, said: “However, he admitted posting indecent images of his partner without her consent on Facebook two weeks prior to that. They have been in a relationship for 23 years and he found out his wife had been having an affair.
“After finding this out, he became upset and, in anger, decided to burn her clothes. He said there was no explanation other than anger to explain his actions.”
JPs heard Mrs Honeybell was forced to put out the blaze with a hosepipe, but ‘irreparable’ damage was caused to the clothes.
The police were called and found a “distressed and shaken” Mrs Honeybell.
Honeybell, 49, then posted X-rates pictures of his wife on Facebook, and threatened to send them to her colleagues.
An earlier hearing was told Honeybell admitted he had threatened to distribute indecent images of his wife but denied carrying out the threat.
The court also heard that Honeybell, of Beechdale, Nottingham, sent 18 text messages to his wife, and left her six voicemails, on June 16 this year.
He admitted harassment without violence on that date, as well as pleading guilty to arson on June 4.
When he returned for sentencing, Honeybell said: “I am sorry. I was upset and angry that after 23 years of marriage my wife was having an affair. I found out she was sending explicit photos to someone else. I was not happy.”
He added he now accepted the marriage was over.
Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “Mrs Honeybell is now going through divorce proceedings and has requested a restraining order for as long as possible, and requests no contact.”
District Judge Maurice Cooper granted the restraining order, for a period of one year, and told Honeybell he must also pay £325 in fines and costs.
In addition, he was handed a 12-month community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement.