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US televangelist begs followers to buy him fourth $54 million private jet

Fit for a priest: a Falcon7X

Prosperity gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis is pleading with his followers, claiming he needs a $54 million jet to help him efficiently spread the gospel to as many people as possible, the Washington Post reports.

In a video posted to YouTube, television preacher Duplantis asked the Lord — and his hundreds of thousands of followers around the world — to fund a new Falcon 7X private jet.

Interestingly, Duplantis even suggested that God would use private jets to evangelize, saying, “He’d be on an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world” and also opining that “Jesus wouldn’t be riding a donkey.”

Duplantis has not clarified how he would spread his version of the gospel or help his followers with the purchase of his fourth private jet, but we’ve reached out to the ministry for comment and will update if we hear back.

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— Jesse Duplantis (@jesse_duplantis)

“It is his mission to reach every soul of the 7 billion people that now inhabit the earth, making sure that each one has an opportunity to know the real Jesus,” the Duplantis biography on Amazon explains.

It’s probably not surprising to learn that Duplantis preaches prosperity gospel, which says God shows favor by rewarding the faithful with earthly riches. There is a strong emphasis on giving money to pastors, which leaders claim is an investment in the afterlife.