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Vacancies: Exciting Opportunities in Hospitality business


Blended Training & Recruitment is a privately run Nigerian Company with registration number RC 1673707 and having capacity to provide quality human capital resources to operators in the Manufacturing, Education, Aviation, Hospitality and Transportation sectors of the Nigerian Economy. Registered in Nigeria, Blended has on its board Human Resources, Certified Trainers and Development Specialist with cross industry experience to provide value-driven solutions to our numerous clients.

Our Client is a Four Star rated hotel located in Oyo State with esteemed clients from corporate, individuals and government agencies pan-Nigeria. As a growing business with immense prospects, we require for urgent employment the following exciting positions in our operations:
(1.) Hotel Supervisor (2.) Marketing Manager (3.) Maintenance Technician
Our Client is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from female candidates.

1. Hotel Supervisor
Job Holder:


Hotel Supervisor

Reports To:
General Manager

Job Description​

Position Overview: A back up for the Manager, the Hotel Supervisor oversees front office operations, helping coordinate guest arrivals and departures including ensuring they enjoy their stay and makes sure their complaint or request gets handled immediately by front office, housekeeping or dining room staff.

The supervisor also oversees and confers with all other guest service agents in and outside the facility to ensure guests experience comfort throughout their stay
Responsible for ensuring staff courtesy at the front office for both incoming and departing guests, handles telephone conversations, cashier functions including taking large cash amounts and handling invoices for groups and large parties
Coordinating the activities of all units of the hotel to achieve unhindered service streams with zero downtime
Achieving maximum resource utility in driving daily productivity target with zero waste in both time and materials-in-use
Develop nose, eyes and ears for consistencies in plans as well as deviations and non-compliance with standards with a view to taking immediate corrective actions
Conducts a regular and random round checks of hotel facilities e.g. generators, air-conditioners, canteen, audio-visual devices, waste management systems, hygiene and sanitation to ensure uninterrupted and smooth running of installed capacities
Maintaining a cordial business relationship with service contractors providing essential support and maintenance functions for the hotel
Be a ready hand to absorb occasional staff shortage or a reliable back up for staff on absence call-in, ad-hoc assignment or on break.

Qualification & Experience
Higher National Diploma/Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Home Economics, Catering & Hotel Management, Sociology or Management Studies with five (5) years hotel experience in a star rated hotel and at least two years spent in a supervisory role is strongly required.
The ideal candidate must be able to work independently and actively engage guests in a polite manner, and ensure hotel staff conform to established rules including hygiene and housekeeping.
This position requires extensive movement and oversight and therefore our ideal candidate will need to be emotionally stable, understanding with strong resilience.
Ability to be assertive, firm and make instant and fair assessment of situation with immediate remedial actions.
Candidates must possess high organisational skills and be able to handle multiple assignments simultaneously in an efficient, effective and timely manner.
An astute performer and result oriented individual who can balance stakeholders interests with tact to achieve business targets.

Interested candidates should send their updated CV with the position Hotel Supervisor ​ ​as subject to:

2. Marketing Manager
Job Holder:


Marketing Manager

Reports To:
General Manager/

Job Description​
Position Overview: The Marketing Manager proposes and implements a full suite of marketing strategies to build awareness about the hotel and promote customer loyalty.

Marketing efforts typically include print and electronic advertisements that target former guests and also attempt to attract new customers as well as making sure people know about the hotel, its amenities and services.
Ensuring that customers enjoy their stay and return including working with other departments to make sure guests will want to choose the hotel as preferred e.g. make input into room rates, guest packages, handle guest inquiries. Maintaining a data bank of hotel clients and relate with them on an on-going basis regarding promotions, special packages, rebates and special events for valued clients

Creatively generate new ideas on customer appeal, engagement and retention to permanently keep the hotel brand on flag with customers
Explore all hotel’s social media platform optimally to project the hotel and its esteemed services to the public
Establish and nurture business relationships with private organisations, government (federal, state, local governments) departments and agencies with a view to winning their patronage.
Optimise memorable celebrations and landmark events in the environment with appealing programmes and functions to generate client traffic for the hotel during these events as well as collaborating with event promoters/organisers and sponsors.
Develop and oversee different types of marketing campaigns, such as those that use social media, direct mail or e-mail.
Evaluate the effectiveness of hotel’s marketing campaigns and make the appropriate adjustments including evaluating campaign performance, addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Qualification & Experience
Ideal candidate will be required to possess an HND/Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Media Relations, Hospitality or Business with three to five years of experience in hospitality and allied businesses.
Professional experience should reflect an increasing level of responsibility, such as in marketing, sales, event planning, advertising, public relations and promotions.
Candidate must demonstrate hands-on and proven track record of helping increase revenue and build brand awareness and loyalty.
Possession of strong research skills, strong knowledge about the hotel industry and ability to succinctly sum up what to do to attract customers and create customer loyalty
A social-media savvy, having a good understanding of digital marketing, brand projection and overall IT impact on brand visibility.
A sociable character with excellent social and people/relationship skills will make our good choice to be successful in this role

Interested candidates should send their updated CV with the position Marketing Manager​ as subject to:


3) Maintenance Technician
Job Holder:


Maintenance Technician

Reports To:
General Manager/
Hotel Supervisor

Job Description​

Position Overview: The Maintenance Technician will be responsible to troubleshoot and​ carry out first level maintenance activities on hotel installations and equipment in a timely manner to ensure all support facilities run smoothly.

Responsible for carrying out repairs on electrical installations and lightings including changing burnt bulbs, cables and accessories
Keep a log of daily activities, raise tickets of complaints, effect repairs and carry out post repair audit of facilities
Keep an inventory of maintenance consumables like starters, bulbs, bolts and nuts, rings, maintenance tools, water taps, shower heads, water pipes, cables, searchlights and others necessary for his job
Conducting a daily check on all hotel installations and taking note of urgent repairs and other planned/routine maintenance activities in accordance with the hotel’s maintenance plan
Attending to plumbing complaints in forms of leakages, pipe and taps breakages, rustings, blocked toilets, maintenance of pumping machines (surface and submersibles) etc.
Responsible for maintaining the garden, the pool side, tender the flowers and keep an all naturally greenery environment
Support in maintenance of generating sets, calibration of fueling for generators including monitoring stock levels of fuel, oil, water and battery terminals on daily basis
Conducting regular checks on kitchen equipment to determine aging, leakage etc and other necessary maintenance actions
Responsible for light and routine (HVAC) maintenance of all cooling systems like Air Conditioners, Freezers, Refrigerators in and around the hotel involving cleaning, flushing etc.

Qualification & Experience
Candidate will be required to possess a minimum of OND in
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Technical College Certificate in Electrical Installation & Maintenance, NABTEB or City & Guilds with minimum of seven (7) years experience in a facility management or hospitality industry environment
Candidate must be familiar with conduit wiring system, troubleshooting and fault finding as well as fault resolution in a timely manner
Must be someone who maximises time, good planner, highly organised with follow through skills
Be conversant with inventory management to ensure critical parts and tools are handy and never out of stock
A problem solver, highly responsive with a business mindset who puts all energies to ensure issues are resolved within available time and resources
Must be ready to put in extended hours of work especially on weekends and public holidays.

Interested candidates should send their updated CV with the position Maintenance​ Technician ​as subject to: