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Wakaa! The Musical opens December 30


‘Wakaa! The Musical’, the latest production from the stables of Bolanle Austen-Peters will open tomorrow at Shell Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan and run till January 3, 2016 with two daily shows except for the last day when there will be three shows.

Written by Tunde Babalola and directed by Bolanle Austen-Peters, the production is a family-orientated two-hour extravaganza of drama, comedy, live music and dance.

With famous designer, Deola Sagoe and the University of Southern Illinois, US designing the costumes and popular musician, Brymo producing original soundtracks, ‘Wakaa!’ is about the trials, successes and experiences of six young graduates, Tosan, Kike, Ngozi, Ahmed, Rex and Alero with varied background.

A wager between them after graduation has a twist when the realities of life and the folly of their choices hit them.

Tosan is the patriotic Nigerian who falls in love with Kike, the extravagant and frivolous girl from a rich home. He is a revolutionary who believes in the prospects of Nigeria as a great nation free of corruption. He helps his uncle become governor with his brilliant ideas and strategies and is later appointed special adviser on youth affairs. He has a lineup of great ideas to improve the lives of people in the state on the governor’s desk waiting to be executed but unknown to him, his proposed projects are for siphoning money by his uncle and associates.

Kike wants nothing than to become the wife of a wealthy man, travel around the world, shop in the best and most expensive shops outside Nigeria, and take life one luxurious day after the other. She sticks to Tosan because of his good looks and very bright future.

Ngozi is a kind hearted medical doctor who returns to the village to give back to the community. Having experienced child labour first hand, Ngozi is determined to use her education and position to combat child labour, child trafficking and actively partake in all other forms of community service and development. She meets a motor spare parts dealer, Cletus who though not educated, is a passionate idealist.

Ahmed saves every kobo he has to travel to England with Cassandra’s assistance but getting there, she turns out to be nothing of the person he has been dating for well over a year. Both in person and character, Cassandra turns out to be a lie.

Rex is a flamboyant, happy go lucky dancer who parades himself as an artist and a promoter of art. Having tasted poverty in life, Rex has sworn to make it at all cost, whether by hook or by crook. He is hurt when he losses Kike to Tosan and vows to either get her back or marry a girl from a wealthier home than Kike’s. Alero is the backstabbing friend who is envious of Kike and is willing to do anything to take her place.