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When NAFDAC okays our herbal medicine, it will cure Coronavirus within three days – Dr White


By Kazeem Balogun

An alternative medicine practitioner, Dr. Ola Olasumbo, popularly known as Dr. White, has assured the word that his herbal product would cure Coronavirus within three days and also prevent its spread.

He sounded extra optimistic while giving this assurance in a telephone interview from his base in Ondo State, Western Nigeria.

He said: “We carried out rigorous research since last year when we heard about it. So around January, those of us in the alternative medicine field started brain-storming after our urgent covid -19 meeting within our association and we were all mandated by our Chairman to swing into action. By the grace of God, I went into further research within our field and came up with an appropriate medicine”.

When asked about his research and the empirical evidence associated with it, Dr. White who has been in the business of alternative medicine for more than three decades, responded by saying Coronavirus is very close to measles, claiming they have same features.

“If you look at the way measles affects people, it is the same way Coronavirus affects human system, but it kills faster, while measles takes time before it kills. The power of Covid-19 is in the aesophagus. It can’t survive in the stomach, but measles can, because it fights within the stomach. It was discovered through our research”.

Dr White also pointed out that Coronavirus has similarities with chicken-pox, which comes with serious coughing and high temperature. He pointed out that Africa has been dealing with all these viruses for years and it is easy to approach and create a solution for Covid-19.

“In Yorubaland, chicken pox spreads through saliva, and it is airborne. The Yoruba believe it is a kind of spirit that brings it, but it is not. It’s spread especially among children as well as adults just like Covid-19. So, in the process of our research, it was discovered we can apply herbs, roots and leaves to cure the virus and prevent anyone from being infected – thereby stopping the spread and curing those affected already.”

Dr. White also associated Covid-19 with malaria because it comes with malaria symptoms such as high temperature, headache, feverish condition and the rest hence the suggestions of malaria medicine by the likes of President Donald Trump.

The truth is, it is more severe than malaria and needs a specially researched medicine like the one we have, he said.

When asked about the usage of the medicine and period of healing, he responded: “From our research, we are very sure that our own medicine is effective to cure Covid-19 within three days. I’m sure it cures and prevents. The only difference is the mode of administering to cure, whereby patients must take it three times daily to be cured, while for prevention, it must be taken three times in a week. Because it is liquid, so it works faster and revives all the weakened parts within the aesophagus and the entire body.”

Dr. White also frowned at the importation of Madagascar herbal mixture because he believes Nigeria is bigger, more dynamic and well grounded to find a cure to Covid-19 and also supply the whole of Africa and the rest of the World.

“As I speak to you, our drug is with NAFDAC and we are receiving responses. They have contacted us to get prepared for inspection. But the truth is we should supply Africa with the medicine and not Madagascar which is very small compared to Nigeria.”

He appealed to people to abide by government directives at curbing the spread of Covid-19 and also thanked government for responding to African solutions to fight the virus by accepting their drugs for clinical trial. This, he said, would reignite people’s confidence in government and also that of the alternative medicine practitioners.

“Let me appeal to Nigerians to follow the well laid down rules by the government on how to curb the spread of the virus by washing thier hands, keeping distance, using nose mask and other measures. And I want to specially thank the government for responding and accepting our drugs for test which we are very sure can cure and protect people from not picking up Covid-19 and thereby put a stop to the spread of the pandemic permanently and eventually elimating it,” Dr. White said.