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‘Why govt. prohibited LAGBUS from BRT corridor’


The LAGBUS Assets Management said on Tuesday that the prohibition of its buses from the Ikorodu-CMS BRT Corridor was aimed at attracting more private investors into the business.

The Managing Director of LAGBUS, Mr Idowu Oguntona, disclosed this at a news conference in Ikeja while reacting to the suspension of LAGBUS operations on Monday by the company’s Captains, following their prohibition from plying the BRT corridor.

All LAGBUS Franchise Operators on Monday suspended their bus services across routes in the state to protest the state government’s directive prohibiting the company’s buses from plying the Ikorodu-CMS BRT corridor.

Oguntona said, “As part of the ongoing Lagos State Transportation Reform Agenda, there has been a government directive that LAGBUS and its Franchise operators should discontinue using the Ikorodu-CMS BRT dedicated lane.

“Government’s responsibility is to create an enabling environment to attract investors; this directive was done to create clarity in terms of policy. It is clear that the corridor was dedicated for the use of private operators.

“I see it as a policy that will reassure potential investors that government has policies and that it is strong in enforcing the policies. We don’t want a situation where policies are created and necessary enforcement of such regulations is absent.

“I believe that the Lagos state government is so much committed to creating an enabling environment that would attract investors that will comply with its policies and regulations.”

Oguntona said that the red buses should , therefore, continue to operate on the express road, which had been the practice at the inception of the scheme, as directed by the state government.

According to him, the red buses will still be plying Ikorodu road, however, but not on the dedicated corridor restricted for the use of the BRT buses.

The LAGBUS chief executive tendered an apology to its customers over the inconveniences they experienced on Monday, following the suspension of services by the operators.

He added that, “Regrettably, despite the various stakeholder engagement sessions, our bus captains reacted to the directive by boycotting work, due to security concerns, including the potential wrath of passengers and roadside miscreants.

“However, having put in place measures to address the concerns raised, normal operations have since resumed.

“We apologise for any inconveniences that may have been caused to our esteemed customers and wish to reaffirm our commitment to providing quality transportation services to the people of Lagos.”

Oguntona appealed to captains of the red buses to ensure compliance with the directive of the state government.

He assured that captains of buses would not be disengaged, saying that the company was ready to absorb whatever potential losses that might arise as a result of the change in policy.

The LAGBUS chief executive said there were 18 Franchise Operators in the company, having their dedicated routes of operation.

LAGBUS Asset Management are operators of the high-capacity red buses in Lagos State.