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Yemi Ogunsola: FAITH THAT KILLS…Neither prayers nor fasting will defeat Nigerian bandits

Caskets of victims of killer herdsmen before their burial in Makurdi

By Apostle Yemi Ogunsola
About five Amorite kings once pooled resources to fight the Israelites and their ally, Gibeon. The enemy army was like the sand of the sea shore. But Yahweh, the god of the Israelites assured them of victory.
“And Yahweh said to Joshua, ‘Do not fear them for I have given them into your hands; there shall not be a man of them that shall stand before you.’” Joshua 10:8.
And it happened exactly like that. Yahweh threw the army of the Amorites into panic and they fled before Israel “who slaughtered them with a great slaughter”(Joshua10:10). How did Yahweh do it?
He deployed superior technology!
“And Yahweh threw them into panic … As they fled before Israel, while they were going down the ascent of Beth-horon, Yahweh threw down great stones from heaven upon them as far as Azekah, and they died; there were more who died because of the hail stones than the Israelites killed with the sword.” Joshua 10:19&11.
Yahweh threw the Amorites into panic by firing shells and bullets at them from the sky. But the Israelites, unaccustomed to such advanced weaponry, could only describe those projectiles in their primitive vocabulary: “great stones”, ”hailstones”.
Naturally, more Amorites would die from the shelling and bullets than from the Israelite swords!
That was the battle when we are told that Joshua the new Israelite commander ordered the sun and the moon to stop in their tracks.
And they stopped.
The Israelites won that battle, a clear victory.
Of course that boosted both the status of Joshua and the faith of the Israelites in Yahweh, their god.
Anyone today who expects God to fight his battles for him that way lives in a fool’s paradise — because God is not Yahweh.
Unlike God, the energy that permeates the universe, Yahweh was a physical presence, a physical entity who cruised round in spaceships (pillars of fire/bright clouds. Ex. 40:36-40) and had his base on Mt Sinai. Hence his appellation, “The god of Sinai”(Ps. 68:8 NLT & GNB). Two of Yahweh’s dazzling spaceships that took part in the battle that day were mistaken for the sun and moon!
The Super Powers and the Catholic Church know this. But they may never tell you. The mistaken notion that God is Yahweh has misled generations of Judeo-Christian faithful to expect “free victory” through prayers only.
God, the force that permeates the universe does not operate that way. It is a fatal error for any people who lack the Israelites’ tangible backing in today’s world to exercise the brand of faith or expect the type of victory recorded by the Israelites over the Amorites.
Unless you have your loving mum or lovely wife in the kitchen doing the hands-on culinary necessities that make dinner, it is in vain that you recline on the sitting room sofa expecting dinner. It never happens — except in science fiction or magic.
The black slaves who chorused “O Lord delivered Daniel,…O Lord delivered Daniel, O Lord delivered Daniel Why can’t you delivered me?” while being shipped abroad all languished in slavery. Only the ones who sprang off their knees and fought founded Haiti.
Nature does not babysit. You gotta fight when necessary to live! Those who don’t get their acts together to fight their own battles get whipped or wiped out.
When Yahweh refused to follow Israelites to battle, they got whipped (numbers 14:39-44). When Yahweh ceased babysitting the Jews, Nazi Germany slaughtered them in millions. Then the Jews got their acts together, got off their knees and fought. Now, you don’t fuck with the Sons of Jacob.
The God Force is neutral. The God Force is out there for the tapping — for good or ill. Electricity for instance can power industries or wipe out a whole town. Same for nuclear energy. If evil men get smart, tap the God Force and use it for evil, evil will reign and triumph —unless good men get smart, tap the same or higher God Force to counter evil.
Today, evil men are on their feet tapping the “God Force”: Plotting and scheming, making empty promises, claiming false achievements, amassing illicit wealth and weapons, occupying key posts, ports and Nigerian bushes. And slaughtering Nigerian women and children in the thousands.
What are good men doing? On their knees praying…
That is an overdose of faith; it kills.
There are immutable laws that operate impartially, impersonally.
Boko Haram bombs were exploding according to the natural laws of dynamites even inside churches — and then mosques. Church members, even with the praises of God in their mouths were being blown into smithereens and torn from limb to limb. That would have continued immutably, if some laws of Nature had not been tapped to screen entrants into churches and detect dangerous metals.
If nobody had done that the bombs would have continued exploding — impartially, impersonally.
Miracles do happen, but they are scarce and far between; never mass-produced sufficiently to meet urgent human needs. Real men don’t bank on miracles. They ACT wisely then, in the thick of their efforts, hope for miracles but never, never bank on miracles.
Technologically advanced nations are the most powerful in our world because while others are praying for miracles, they are busy performing those miracles — by studying the laws of Nature and harnessing same. Yeah, we are all sons (and daughters) of God; but the truest sons of God are not God’s praise singers, but men of knowledge — and power. In its most powerful definition, the “sons of God” (Hebrew: beney ha elohiym) status is amoral.
Satan is among them (Job 1:6).
A king’s praise singer ranks rather low in the hierarchy of state — no matter how morally upright.
In many ways, the laws of Nature are indistinguishable from God. And those who live most in harmony with those laws enjoy God best. Any apparent violation of the laws is actually the knowledgeable application of the same laws to neutralise each other. When Petrol fire rages, those who know, apply the appropriate laws to make chemicals that quench the fire.
So, when jihadists import and arm foreign Fulani killers, these killers will continue killing until appropriate actions in line with the laws of Nature are taken to STOP them.
Stop weeping to God, Allah or Jesus to deliver you.
Off your knees and fight.
As Buhari and his horde occupy key posts and killer herdsmen occupy Middle Belt and South East communities, nothing will stop them unless somebody stops them.
The Jihadists have been taking actions. They have been stealing billions, Ganduje-like, through government avenues, they have been arming lunatics, they have been stockpiling arms…
Prayers have not stopped them. Only appropriate ACTION will.
Yet another affliction of many religious people is a lethal brand of docility. This is especially true of many Christians. And smart devils, have taken advantage of this docility. It is true that peace is far less costly than war, but never “peace at all costs”.
Never turn the other cheek — except for strategic reasons.
Christian pacifism must never degenerate into docility.
There is time for everything. When it is time to defend your sisters, mothers, wives and children from marauders, quit singing carols. Up and fight.
Jesus was a pacifist. But he was not docile; he was outspoken, fiery, blunt. Even daring. Pacifists hardly ever beat other people’s wives. But Jesus whipped other people’s wives when he deemed it necessary— in the hallowed grounds of the Jerusalem Temple. Nor did he spare the husbands. He ran after them lashing all the way. (John 2: 13-17).
Custodians of Peace, be they Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Traditionalists, etc, etc owe it a duty— a sacred duty— to pack sufficient collaborative muscle to protect Peace.
The Yoruba who, over 200 years ago, routed the Fulani marauders threatening the South West were not docile cheek-turners. They were men and women of steel and valour. They fought gun for gun, force for force, blood for blood… And charms for charms.
The sons of the marauders are back.
All men and women South and North must be of steel and valour.