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‘You are a fake’ – Nigerians blast prophet who said Buhari will die before election

Nigerians are angry with the South Africa based Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse over his unfulfilled prophecy that President Buhari will die before election if he campaigns for second term.
This is not unconnected to the fact that instead of the president to die, he is currently leading in the presidential election conducted on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019.
Akinbodunse,  General  Overseer of South Africa based church,  Freedom For All Nations outreach revealed that President Buhari will die if he tries to go for second term.
He made it known that God destined him to spend just a term on the throne but if he tries to go for second term, he won’t see the election.
‘Please Nigerians, warn Buhari that he is going beyond his boundary, the Lord said his tenure is just for 4 years, if he tries to contest for the second term, before they vote he will die’’
Now he is seriously being blasted and called different names ,  Below are some of the comments:
“Just another fake using the name of God for profit”- Femi Omole
“A cursed man claiming to be pastor”-Wilberforce Worukwo
“Fake ppl.. Only God knw wat is going to tell his congregation after lying to them that God told him PBM will die bfor the election if he dare campaign, and they were all shouting like animals.. I knw he will forged another lie again. Yeye man”- Muhammad Noah
“Scammer…mavrodi the second”-Lucia Buter
Hakeem Giwa:
Brukutu pastor,he don take tramdool,oga pastor you will dull till 2023…. By God grace buhari will be alive and continue to be Nigeria president in 2019 and beyond…we won’t pray that you should die before 2019 but we pray that you should be alive to see buhari in power in 2019 so that you can convert to buhari political school of fighting corruption and promotion of better Nigeria
Ogbe Alex:
Ok if he doesn’t die you should close that ur ministry oga tell the people what God said ok don’t prophecy with anger ok God bless you Sir
Pat James:
What is wrong with all these so called Pstr’s seeking relevance. If you engage in proper study of the Bible from the view point of Christ, you’ll discover that God does not get involve with politics. God is too Holy to be getting involved with a very dirty and in the case of Nigeria ritualistic politics. When a they tried to set a trap for Jesus with a question that bother’s on politics of his days. He simply asked for a coin and said “Whose face is on the coin, and they replied Ceaser’s, Jesus then said “give unto Ceaser’s what belongs to Ceaser’s and to God what belong’s to God”. Conclusively, any Pst’s or so called Prophet’s attempt to claim God gave them a message for any Country as it relates to politics is at best lying or engaging with familiar