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5 takeaways from President Buhari’s ARISETV interview


Presidential Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday fielded questions from a team of AriseTV editors. Here are five key takeaways from the interview:

1) When asked about corruption in Nigeria and how it is being handled, the President stated that corruption is very difficult under his administration.”Whenever we have an intelligence of anyone that is being accountable, we ease him out. We don’t give too much publicity,” Buhari said.

2) Speaking on the IPOB and Oduduwa Nation agitation, the President said those agitators are ignorant, they don’t think about how to share the resources in Nigeria or how to win investors.

“Nigerians can say what they want. They want their republics but don’t think about how to share our resources. They don’t think (of) how to win the confidence of investors. I think they allow their ignorance to disorganise the country,” Buhari said.

3) Speaking about why he skipped some senior military officers to appoint General Yahaya Farouk as Chief of Amry Staff, the President said Yahaya has led war and was used to the frontlines, adding that one can’t be made an Army Chief because of seniority but mettle.

“Do you know you can’t be the Chief of Army Staff because of seniority? You have somebody who has been on the frontlines. He fought there. They know him. I tell you the truth. I don’t know the other generals,” Buhari said.

4) The President also disclosed that he asked one of the Northeast governors about the nationalities and identities of the bandits and insurgents terrorising the region, and was told that they are Nigerians. He also commended the Northeast governor’s effort in tackling insurgency in the region.

“As I said, you can’t kill innocent people and say ‘God is great. We have a problem with unemployment. We have a lot of youths looking basically for what to eat, not to talk of accommodation and others.” Buhari said.

The President affirmed that the poverty rate in Nigeria has changed compared to when he came into power, “The people of North-East and South-South are the judges of this administration and the conditions they were in before,” the Nigerian President said.

5)President Muhammadu Buhari also urged the state governors to fight those herdsmen, bandits terrorising their states and stop waiting for him to come from Abuja to kill the assailants. He added that governors know the hoodlums operating in their states more than himself.