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Ambode is a big disappointment to Lagosians – Oodua groups


The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode is a huge disappointment to the people of the South West and allowing him to have a second term will turn him into a full blown dictator and a totalitarian who will not subject himself to party discipline, the Oodua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) has said.

ONAC, in a statement issued on Friday, said those pleading for the return of Ambode lack a deep understanding of the depth of his disregard for organizational discipline, his penchant for vain ego, his appetite for greed and his desperation to be a lone ranger as against the spirit of collective leadership.

The statement, signed by ONAC’s Lagos Chairman, Mrs Funke Adele, said Ambode has consistently violated the road map to Lagos renaissance while he has spent the past close to four years building his own personal fortunes and empire.

Adele said Ambode does not see the other South West states as the same family with Lagos, as against the foundation laid by his predecessors. ONAC described him as a “divisive and acrimonious character” who lacks basic ethical standards.  ONAC, established in 2006 is a coalition of several Pan Yoruba groups.

ONAC described Ambode as a ‘totally disorganized person who rides on the wings of populist projects that have failed to create fresh opportunities for the people of Lagos but rather conceived to increase his personal wealth and that of his cronies.
“Mr Ambode is a complete disaster. With him, Lagos is on the pathway to ruin and exhaustion. He likes tawdry projects. He cherishes flamboyance. It is difficult to understand how a State Governor will ignore due process in the award of contracts. It is unimaginable that a Governor can abandon the Lagos economic roadmap. It is sad that a Governor can make Lagos the dirtiest city in Nigeria simply because of his own personal ambition to control the Lagos waste management scheme for personal advantage”.
According to ONAC, it is wrong to blame Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu for Ambode’s travails.

‘The truth is that the current crisis has nothing to do with Tinubu. The fact is that Tinubu had ignored several complaints about Ambode. He had given him too long a period to redeem his image.. Tinubu has no option that to listen to the grievances of the people of Lagos who are fed up with Ambode,” Adele said.

“Mr Ambode is treachery personified. He wants to control the entire state, including the party and governance. He has no respect for any one. As we speak today, Ambode is the number one enemy of the self-determination groups which he views with contempt.. The Pan Yoruba groups were deeply involved in the campaign to ensure his victory.

”The first thing he did was to seek the destruction of the Pan Yoruba movements in Lagos which is the engine Yoruba renaissance. Ambode had abandoned the economic blueprint put together in 1999 for the future of Lagos and sees the milestone projects of his predecessors as a threat rather than a blessing. “He has gone ahead to disrupt and abandon these unique projects. He attempts to put in new ideas which have no foundation and completely out of the consensus of the political party that brought him to power,’’ the statement said.
Adele said Tinubu needed to act by halting his support for Ambode to save the All Progressives Congress, (APC) from defeat in 2019.