Home Entertainment Baba Ijesha lands in hospital, complains of pain, anxiety

Baba Ijesha lands in hospital, complains of pain, anxiety


Under pressure Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, who was granted court bail days ago has landed in the hospital with complaints of uneasiness and being unable to control himself, amongst other symptoms.

Days ago, the Lagos high court granted the actor Baba Ijesha bail after spending some weeks in a correctional facility.

The actor has now been seen in hospital, complaining of pain all over his head and body, a feeling of being unable to control his bodily functions, blood-stained stool and coughing.

The actor said he started feeling anxious a few days after his arrest and detention in police custody. Although he was reportedly taken to Panti hospital during his stay with the police, the symptoms kept reoccurring.

The doctors at the hospital, however, told him to lay down, and they examined his body for treatment.

Baba Ijesha was arrested for alleged molestation of a minor and defiling the same youngster about seven years ago. The mother of that young lady, identified as Princess, is also a colleague of the actor in the entertainment industry.

A source said the the actor might feel ill because of his incarceration for a long period of time and possibly other underlying causes.