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Halima Imam: ‘Mother’ – a word that means love


By Halima Imam

Most of you will imagine that in the following lines I will be writing about how magnificent our mothers are and also how quintessential their love and support have been in our lives. Well you certainly guessed right because that’s how it’s intended. One of the most powerful individuals who have walked the face of the Earth is a Mom.

If we search through history, we will easily find that where there is greatness, a mother made it. Children turn out alright because of the prayers, love and guidance of their mothers; and each and every one of us have grown up striving to achieve the unthinkable so that our mothers that stand tall in the midst of others.

Some mothers are single and they fight the world and beat the odds to make sure that the carping side of society never has the upper hand over their children. Other mothers are in marriages but their reality is that of a single parent. That not-withstanding, however, their loyalty to their children and family remains unwavering.

Our mothers are intelligent and their vision clear and admirable. Mothers in their capacity as our first teachers build us for greatness, they hold us in their tender and loving hands like a potter with clay and mould us into the fine men and women that we have become and are becoming. Moms will sacrifice their all to see that their children turn out better than they are.

A mother’s loyalty to her children is forever undisputed, a show of love so much so that the Quran, in surah Luqman chapter 14, says: ‘And we have enjoined man in respect of his parents-his mother bears him with fainting’s upon fainting’s and his weaning takes two years-saying: Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents: To Me is (thy final) goal.”

A hadith of the Rasul was also reported to have said that the paradise lies beneath the feet of mothers in Musnad al-shihab 119; al-Jame Vol.2.

Having to put up a smile when they are absolutely dying is one quality that mothers possess, one which no other person can ever exhibit. Mothers never want to be a burden to their children therefore they hide their pain so well from their children. They are indeed the global representation of love and sacrifice, they show the world how much a human being should love another human. If the World takes a breather from its struggles for power, wealth, fame etcetera, we will learn all there is to know about humanity from our mothers.

Women and children are the most vulnerable in every society but even in the face of all that vulnerability, a mother still chooses her child to be protected at the expense of her own safety.

A mother’s loyalty forever remains unchallenged as it is eternally second to none. Tolerance, forgiveness and compassion are all words coined out of the characteristics of a mother. Mothers make the World, their nature, teachings and examples makes people kind and graceful or wicked and monstrous.

Mothers are the first teacher that every child knows, they are truly the basic point of socialization for every human being. Mothers have special gifts and talents to look through and know what is truly wrong with their children.

They are the only people in the World with such excellent communication skill that they know exactly what a baby blabbers even before they are able to start talking. They feel it when their children are in danger and their heart becomes heavy, their minds worries and their entire being goes into restlessness.

The love of a mother makes individuals and even entire cultures. The availability and care that a mother gives her children shapes their wellbeing, she has a profound effect in the shaping of her children’s brains and conscience.

Motherhood is professionalism of some sort and here it is about the level of influence a mother can have on her children. Mothers are able to connect to children in ways that the human mind is truly unable to comprehend, its magically just like God intended.

Every woman looks forward to experiencing the awe that exists in motherhood, the felling of bonding with another human being right from inside of you until the day that both of you return to your maker. The bond that exist between Moms and their children is so beautiful to watch and is able to stand unmatched through history and until eternity.

Mothers stand undefeated when their love is compared to nothing in the World. A mothers care, compassion and empathy is one lesson teachers will never be able to do justice to in a classroom. Mothers are simply above and beyond love because they are love.

Halima Imam writes from axk4lima@gmail.com