Home News Houthis announce capture of three Saudi brigades in Yemen

Houthis announce capture of three Saudi brigades in Yemen


Houthis have announced a major operation against Saudi forces near the kingdom’s southern region of Najran, claiming to have captured or killed a significant number of troops.
Riyadh has yet to confirm or deny the claim.
In a televised address on Saturday, Houthi’s spokesman said they’d inflicted heavy losses on the Saudi forces, capturing several high-ranking officers and a large cache of weaponry, including armored vehicles. He also claimed several hundreds of Saudi troops, including some high-ranking officers, have been killed or taken prisoner by the Houthis.

Nasser Arrabyee (@narrabyee) posted:
3 Saudi brigades fell in hands of Yemen’s Houthi fighters in Najran south of Saudi Arabia.

Hundreds killed/injured and detained. A huge quantity of weapon including armored vehicles. Saudi senior officers among the war prisoners.

The operation is the biggest ever.

Hannah Porter (@hannaheporter) posted:
Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree’ announces a massive operation in Najran. I can’t help but think that he is being as loud as possible about military victories in order to drown out talk of negotiations with the Saudis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC3g3E8xPYE …

So far, no confirmation – or denial – of the major attack has been produced by Saudi Arabia.

The alleged casualties were inflicted on the Saudis during an operation dubbed ‘Victory from Allah,’ which was launched two days ago, the Houthis claimed. They added that three “enemy military brigades had fallen” in the attack that was conducted with the support of missile, drone and anti-aircraft units belonging to the group.