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I’m still very single – Owumi Ugbeye


Upcoming actress, Owumi Ugbeye, who played the lead role in ‘Stolen Lives’,speaks about herself, career and aspirations in this interview. Excerpts:

I have been seeing you in stage productions but this is about the first time I will see you play a lead role in a movie, what does it feel like playing a lead role in a full length movie?

At first, it was challenging but when I started, I became comfortable with it. It’s been a very fulfilling experience because being given a chance to play a role in something big, especially in Nollywood for a cinema movie; at first it was scary but now it’s just exciting. I’m happy to have been able to do it.

Did you study Theatre Arts?

No, I didn’t. I studied French at the University of Benin but my mum is an actor. Her name is Tosan Ugbeye. So, basically she is my coach, trainer and mother.
Is this your first major movie production?
No, it’s not. I’ve done a series for MTV Base called ‘Shuga’; I’ve done a movie for EbonyLife, I’ve done some stage productions. I’ve been acting for some time; since 2013.
Compared to other productions that you have featured in, how will you rate this one?
I think movies in Nigeria generally are really stepping up. This is amongst the big things that I have done; I have done a lot of projects but this was enjoyable.
Given your mum’s background and your decision to study French, why did you return to acting?

I always knew that I was going to be an actor but you know how Nigerian parents always insist on you having a backup plan but I always knew I was going to act. It was just a matter of when and how. When I finished school and after I served, I decided I was going into it full time.

How is your boyfriend taking your acting career?
(Laughs) I am very single; I don’t have a boyfriend.
I don’t mean your husband, I mean your boyfriend?

I don’t have a boyfriend.
Are you kidding me?
I am very serious.

Tell me your kind of man?
Tall, dark, handsome, good job, has ambition and is driven.
If he says you should quit acting, what will you do?
I would believe that this man that I love would not ask me to quit what I love doing so I don’t even think about that.
So, what’s next for you?

Hopefully more jobs, more series, hopefully a nomination in the future.