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Insecurity in Ogun State is getting beyond your efforts, Solola chides Abiodun


By Michael Adesanya/Abeokuta

Following recent kidnappings in Ogun State, a Security Expert, Femi Solola has told the Governor Dapo Abiodun and the Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun that the security of the State is getting out control.

He therefore urged them to tighten the security apparatus of the State.

Solola, who gave the advice while speaking to journalists, said the current security situation of the state needs urgent attention for safety of lives and properties to be assured.

He explained that although the security lapses are not out of control yet, saying the state does not have a strong security system.

The security expert identified high rate of unemployment among the youth as one of the reasons for the spike in insecurity in the state and the country at large.

His words: “Yes, we still have some piece of criminal acts in Ogun state but it is not something that has gone beyond absolute control. But people’s life and properties are still not adequately safe in the state.

“I believe the reason why we have this is because of the high rate of unemployment among the young ones. That is one big reason because devil will actually give something to do to someone that is idle.

“So, high rate of unemployment is one of the major causes of banditry in ogun state. Secondly, in Ogun state we do not have a standard security system in place; so the criminals still have some places to hide and we have banditry spreading in nooks and crannies of ogun state”, he stated.

On solution to the precarious security situation, he said: “And for government to stop this so that people’s lives and properties can be saved in Ogun state, the government needs to find jobs for people to do. The government will need to be inventive, to be creative and get people various means of employment”.

He said government needs to engage the youths so that they won’t have time for neverious activities, adding, “and not only that, the government should also ensure that the security apparatus within the state is tightened in every nook and cranny of the state.

“Ogun state must be secured, must be saved, my wish is that we can totally end banditry in ogun state and ensure that peoples lives and properties are adequately safe. “