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LA sheriff’s deputy caught on open mic allegedly having sex at Universal Studios


An on-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy allegedly had sex with a woman near the Bates Motel section of the Universal Studios lot — and accidentally left his microphone on for a dispatcher to hear a blow-by-blow of the sleazy romp.

TMZ obtained a clip of the X-rated encounter between the unnamed deputy and a woman near the section of the lot in Universal City devoted to the Alfred Hitchcock classic.

“Oh,” the giggling woman moans at one point. “Oh, my goodness!”

A female dispatcher then alerts the deputy that he had an “open mic” as the woman continues to moan and breathe heavily.

“95 Ocean, you have an open mic,” the dispatcher implores the deputy to no avail as the woman continues to moan on the clip. “95 Ocean, you have an open mic — take care of mic.”

The woman then quiets down as the minute-long clip ends. The deputy does not respond to the dispatcher on the portion obtained by the TMZ — and it’s unclear whether he was inside his patrol cruiser or was outside the vehicle nearby.

The deputy — who has not been publicly identified — has been removed from duty as an internal investigation unfolds, department officials said.

“The deputy was immediately relieved of duty and an administrative investigation has been opened,” sheriff’s officials told The Post in a statement early Wednesday. “The deputy’s peace officer powers have been suspended and proper administrative action will be taken, based on the outcome of the investigation.”

A sheriff’s department spokesman declined to release additional information when reached for comment, including how long the deputy has been employed by the department.