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“Let me kill myself instead of being handed over to police,” Baba Ijesa begs in leaked ‘rape video’


Amidst report that the police might release Nollywood actor,Olanrewaju Omiyinka, ak Baba Ijesa, detained for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl, one of his major critics, actress Iyabo Ojo, has shared the video of Baba Ijesha, being interrogated by comedian Princess, and some other people, after he was caught allegedly attempting to molest Princess’ foster child.

Recall that on Wednesday, April 28, Princess shared a video where she gave a detailed account of how the victim who resides with her, was allegedly molested by the actor seven years ago.

She stated that the victim recently opened up to her that it was the actor molested her. To nab him in the act, she and some other persons decided to set up CCTV in her home and lured him to visit her. She also alleged that it was during the visit that the actor attempted to molest the victim.

Ojo, who has been at the forefront of the online campaign demanding that the actor be prosecuted, had been challenged by friends if Baba Ijesa who asked that the CCTV recording of the molestation be shown.

Iyabo has now shared a video of him being interrogated by Princess. The video showed him pleading for forgiveness and also saying that he understands that he has a problem. His belt and top of his trouser were also loose, as shown in the video.

The actor also begged that he be lowed to kill himself rather than be handed over to the police.

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