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Love for money by politicians is bane of Nigeria’s development – Babasola Adegbuyi


By Michael Adesanya/Abeokuta

A Governorship aspirant of  the Young Democratic Party (YDP), Mr. Babasola Adegbuyi has attributed the under development of the country to the country’s politicians love for money.

Adegbuyi, who spoke in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital over the weekend during a campaign against Sickle Cell event, added that a majority of politicians are only in government to regain the financial resources which they invested during their electioneering.

The awareness campaign, which was organised by Sickle Cell Foundation of Abeokuta, is to sensitise the people about the disease.

The YDP politician said until politicians enter into government with genuine mind of serving the people, progress and development would still be a mirage in the country.

The YDP politician, who spoke alongside the party’s leader, Obasanjo Obasesan challenged Nigerian youth to stand up and fight for leadership positions, saying the older politicians were not ready to leave the corridor of power.

His words: “Majority of the politicians are in government for profit making. They are in government to gain what they have invested during campaign. Imagine, I heard that a politician in the State has spent over N3 billion so far doing underground work. Tell me, if he enters, won’t he get his money back?”

“And if he enters and he remove the N3 billion from the account, won’t the State feel the effect on the economy of the State. The youths should rise up and dislodge the old politicians”

He said in foreign countries, politicians are accountable because people sponsored them for political positions but in Nigeria reverse is the case.

Adegbuyi stressed that his party is ready to dislodge the ruling All Progressive Congress from power in 2019, saying the party has the capacity to do so.

Adegbuyi, in his philanthropic gesture, recently paid the hospital bill of a newly born triplet at Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro, Abeokuta.