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My marriage to Foluke Daramola remains intact – Kayode Salako


By Kayode Salako

Nine years ago, when it was dawned on me, I would have to marry Foluke Daramola, I was the one who came out to say it through an interview inside a reputable newspaper medium that I would be doing so, and it happened.

And, if for any personal reason(s), the marriage would have to break and I am sure it is no longer working for us, I am still the one, who would come out to say it – That is, if I or we choose to, but not through any media premise I or we do not authorise or give permission to do so.

So, for as long as I do not come out to say it through any official public medium or authorise anyone to say it on my behalf, those who continue to write to declare my marriage to anybody broken are just wasting their time or doing so merely to drive greedy traffic to their social media platforms.

This is the handiwork of those economically bankrupt people, who just want to survive desperately through the social media reportage mediums.

Since yesterday, it has been trending on some social media premises that my marriage to Foluke has broken again. I really don’t know how many times that same ‘one’ marriage will be breaking, in the figment of their irresponsible imagination, in one year.

If a marriage would have to break, it should be from the mouths or sources of those that are running it, and not from those, who do not even know anything about it or about us.

It is just highly irresponsible of those so-called ‘practitioners’ to be keep writing rubbish, just because you expect a marriage to break by force.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, that nobody would read anything from Foluke or me about our marital lives again on any social media or news medium – never would it happen again!

It is the decision of Foluke and me.

Whatever happens in our marriage won’t ever be a subject of information circulation or scrutiny in the public space from any of us anymore.

Ours is not the only marriage that was consummated the way it happened and neither would it be the first and only controversial celebrity marriage in Nigeria. So, why all these unending fuss and subordinating expectations about its break up, since the 9 years it has been running.

I know a section of the Nigeria media are anxiously expecting it to break and what do you do, when the same God, who orchestrated it is not ready yet to make you happy about it?!

I, therefore, want to debunk the ugly story making the rounds since yesterday that my marriage has broken up again.

The honest question is, how many times would this marriage be breaking in every one circle of a year?!

Recently, some poorly trained journalists, Tosin Simeon and company wrote authoritatively from their stupid imagination the marriage had broken up, as if they made the expected professional efforts to find out from any of us, before writing about it. And, yesterday, some other media platforms are spreading the rumour that it has broken again.

The question is, how many times are you going to be breaking it to let the beholders of the marriage enjoy the peace, sanity and sanctity of their marital lives?!

How many times will this marriage be breaking in the circle of a year?!

How many times will you keep breaking it with the imagination of your ugly expectations?!

This is a poser to all reasonable and intelligent Nigerians.

Yesterday, I received many calls from concerned people to confirm the veracity of the latest story about it.

I, however, say the current news making the rounds about it is fake. Please, discard it!

Anyday the marriage wants to break, you will hear it from us directly, but not through any irresponsible and unauthorised media mediums.

The marriage itself is even tired of their everyday rantings!

– Olukayode Salako