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NYC sheriffs bust 80 people sex party in room full of mattresses, boxes of condoms


Bemused officers from the New York City Sheriff’s Office at the weekend broke up an illegal sex party of over 80, mask-less attendees in Astoria, Queens for violating state COVID-19 regulations.

On Sunday, officials walked into the venue to find a crowd of people at the event hosted by self-described swinger’s club Caligula New York.

The New York City Sheriff’s Office told Insider that deeper in the party, officers found three couples having sex in a back room with multiple mattresses set up covering the floor, which was scattered with condoms.

The party took place in a COVID-19 yellow zone, which prohibits gatherings of over 25 people.

Two party organizers and an attendee of the event were charged with several misdemeanors for breaking COVID-19 regulations and serving alcohol without a liquor license. The club venue was issued a $15,000 fine.

New York City Sheriff’s Office

The party is only the latest large event to be broken up by authorities for COVID-19 violations, including a 200-person fight club “Rumble in the Bronx.”

Caligula’s party was broken up less than a week after New York City Schools closed indefinitely because of rising COVID-19 positive test rates.

Organizers of Caligula did not immediately respond for comment.