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Ojudu is a liar, some Yoruba behind my burnt house – Sunday Igboho


Yoruba activist and youth leader, Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, has described Babafemi Ojudu, a presidential aide, as a liar.

Speaking with some news outlets at his residence in Ibadan, on Tuesday morning, Igboho said he never had any meeting with Ojudu over the 2009 rerun election in Ekiti state.

In a piece, Ojudu had said he and Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), met with Igboho ahead of the rerun election.

The presidential aide also said Igboho agreed to meet with them on the condition that Lamidi Adedibu, the strongman of Ibadan politics, who is now late, must not know about the meeting.

But Igboho wondered how Adedibu, who died in 2008, could be an issue in an election which held in 2009.

He also said aside Lam Adesina and Rasheed Ladoja, former governors of Oyo state, he did not associate with other politicians in the state.

Also speaking in his burnt house, Igboho said if the arsonists had come to where he lives, journalists would have seen their dead bodies because not all of them would escape.

He claimed that some Yoruba were part of those who razed his residence in the early hours of Tuesday. He however said he didn’t have the full details of those who committed the arson.

He also disclosed the value of damaged items in the residence could not be less than N50m.

“What I find surprising is that some Yorubas are in support of the herdsmen to set my house on fire. I’m saddened by it,” he said. “For now, I do not suspect anyone.

“When they knew they could fight, fire gunshots, and set a house ablaze, isn’t it where I stay that they are supposed to come? If they had come to the house where I stay, I would have had evidence for you people (journalists) because they won’t all escape.

“It’s either you meet their dead bodies or meet them with broken legs. I thank God that they applied wisdom by going to a house where they know that I don’t live and destroyed my properties and burnt it down.

“Around 3.30am today, my younger ones residing at my old house rushed to my gate to wake me up, saying some bandits came to the house, fired gunshots, broke the gate and set the house ablaze. The two people at the house managed to escape. By the time I got there, the bandits had escaped. So, we called firefighters to help us put out the fire.”

On why he’s against the criminal herdsmen, Igboho said their atrocities in Yorubaland are preventing peace from reigning.

“These Fulanis are killing our brothers in our fatherland. They’re killing, raping, and kidnapping. All the things they are doing to us are not good. That’s why I’m trying to unite our people so that we can chase them away for peace to reign in Yorubaland,” he said